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Is Meesha Mocaby telling people she sued us for SLANDER?

Our big laugh for the day comes from some poor unenlightened soul who has been deluded into thinking not only that we’ve been sued for slander, but have lost.


Too bad the election is over.

What’s wrong with the youth of America today

We kinda called it years ago when it became A – too easy to get cell phones and B – too easy to put the results of it on social networking sites. When you’re like, 8.

Pokemon Go. I just can’t even comment on this.

When I want to relive MY childhood, I go out into the woods. Depending on what season it is, I pick blackberries, morels, hickory nuts, apples; I fish; up until this year, I had a garden.

We just can’t help it….

Rick White, as taken by me. No, you can't use this. Yes, it is copyrighted; 2013. Yes, I'll call my attorney. Ask a particular dweeb about that when he ripped a photo of Ricky that I took, a couple of weeks ago.

….we have to point out that when one mainstream news outlet gets it wrong, others are going to follow.

They’re protesting WHAT in Carbondale Monday…?

There’s some kind of organized protest going on in Carbondale Monday.

Tripping on the Trump hysteria: Cries of “racism” at SIU-C

This video is making the rounds today.

MARCHER ALERT: Apparently this letter-writer hasn’t been reading about the “gentlemen’s club”

Sometimes, our jaws drop in astonishment that people will send us letters (or other communication, such as emails, Google voice calls, Fecesbook messages, etc.) about subjects that, if they know we exist as a media outlet, you’d think they’d know what we’ve been covering lately.


Someone claiming to be Mychal Bush-King’s cousin has voiced his ill-informed opinion on our tipline.

Real science: Almost half the population may be infected with a mysterious virus that makes people stupid

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical School have identified a mysterious virus that literally makes people stupid, and it has so far been found in about 45% of the people tested.

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