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Mom jailed after altercation with belligerent son, whose feelings were hurt after Facebook post

It’s a sad day when a mom can’t whip a rotten kid into shape, especially when that kid is a full-grown adult and behaving badly.

Moroner…I mean, coroner is at it again

We don’t have to provide proof to back up our assertion that a Marion County elected official is an idiot.

Jasper County accused whines; do they even teach reading comprehension in school anymore..?

Perhaps Reading Comprehension is one of those things no longer taught in Jasper County schools…?

So maybe Cameron Jones isn’t happy about being on the front page….?

We just don’t know WHAT his problem is.

Jared Kreft Accused Of Performing Oral Sex On Horse

A man in Wausau, Wisconsin, is facing bestiality charges after being suspected of performing oral sex on a horse.

Nightly NewsCap: News roundup from the weekend and today, in AUDIO!

Topics covered include: Another prison guard attack in Vienna; Disclosure leads the way in helping report the West Frankfort Marching Moron who allegedly stole a dress then posed for selfies wearing it and put it on her Facebook page; the Southern Illinoisan pisses off a lot of people giving too much credit to Carbondale police; and report of the crash in Clay County today with debris all over U.S. 50.


The situation with Rachel Canning in New Jersey has prompted SOMEONE to create a social networking page dedicated to her efforts to force her parents to support her.

We’re going to prove something here

If Walker gets an attorney on us having reported the facts as they were given to us by officials, we’ll let you know.


“Dean Gilberry” (dingleberry) indeed.

Backlash from Bowlby verdict; police escort for prosecutors

While the Brian Bowlby case this week in Saline County was rather low-key, the after-effects were anything but.

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