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HARRISBURG: Ameren on-scene of fire just off Bypass; power may be cut

Another fire in the midtown area of Harrisburg three blocks off the Bypass may result in power being cut to the neighborhood.

SALINE COUNTY: A subdued Kim Buchanan at the special meeting tonight

A special county board meeting called for this evening saw a much more subdued Kim Buchanan.

Just in case you were wondering about coverage of Kim Buchanan…

…we know.

SALINE COUNTY: Todd Fort turns himself in on a warrant for sex offender violation

A press release coming from Saline County Chief Deputy Ken Clore has beat us to the punch of an article we were fixing to produce tonight regarding a warrant issued last week for Clore’s predecessor.

ELDORADO: Fire takes out consignment store, apartments

A fire early this morning destroyed a building on Fourth Street in Eldorado.

FELONY FRIDAY: Williamson County’s finest this week in court or on the docket

Here are the folks caught up in either felony charges or dispositions for the past week and a half or so…let’s see what’s shaking in the felony world in Williamson County.

SALINE COUNTY: Porsche Nelson gets probation for Burglary

A Harrisburg woman associated with the now-largely-locked-up gang of thugs in town has entered a plea on her most recent charge, and is now a convicted felon.

SALINE COUNTY: Lewis-Davidson quietly takes plea; shipped off to Logan

The Harrisburg woman who caused so much trouble in town early this summer has been shipped off to Illinois Department of Corrections on two of her many felony counts.

Former Saline County Treasurer dies after battle with cancer

Our former Saline County Treasurer has passed on after years of battling cancer.

FELONY FRIDAY: Arrests and convictions in Williamson County this week

It’s Friday in Disclosureland, and you know what that means…it’s time to list the felonies filed as well as those that have reached a disposition in Williamson County for Felony Friday!

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