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J.D. Kesler, Former Edgar Co. Airport Board Member, Vigo Co. Sheriff Deputy, and Vigo Co. EMA Deputy Director Charged with 2 felonies

Kessler was arrested and charged with two Felony counts of “Voting Outside of Precinct Residence.”

Effingham County – Violated FOIA – No Ambulance Vetting Ever Occurred

When the public submits a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records, it needs to be clear to everyone that the law is what outlines what is or is not obtainable and under what time frame it is to be provided.

Stark County Board Chair Coleen Magnussen Resigned

The Stark County News is reporting that Coleen Magnussen, Stark County Board Chair, has resigned as Chair and resigned as Board Member.


An amazing thing happened last night in Stark County way to the north of us, in about the center of the state north of Peoria.

Alexandria Shooter James Hodgkinson, Belleville, IL – Facebook Groups

We have captured the list of Facebook Groups he was a member of, and it is quite interesting – here are some of the more disturbing-looking ones

Illinois Local Governments own more than 270,000 vehicles

According to the results of a Freedom of Information Act request to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, local governments in Illinois have licensed more than 270,000 vehicles in this state

Wheeling’s Mayor Dean Argiris’ Prostitution Solicitation Arrest Record

One thing that most voters expect and demand of a candidate is Truth. Especially on a candidate questionnaire.

Legal Newsline Recognizes Watchdog Reporting

Legal Newsline has picked up the reporting by the Edgar County Watchdogs. Read about it here.

Illinois State Police – Only truth will lead to trust – time to step up

At a time in our society when trust in our government officials is being questioned daily, our Illinois State Police (ISP), have thrown another curve ball that clearly points to a problem and only helps to erode trust in that agency.


We’re pleased to announce that the Edgar County Watchdogs, also known statewide as Illinois Leaks, have won the 2016 VKK Unsung Hero Award.

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