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Wheeling’s Mayor Dean Argiris’ Prostitution Solicitation Arrest Record

One thing that most voters expect and demand of a candidate is Truth. Especially on a candidate questionnaire.

Legal Newsline Recognizes Watchdog Reporting

Legal Newsline has picked up the reporting by the Edgar County Watchdogs. Read about it here.

Illinois State Police – Only truth will lead to trust – time to step up

At a time in our society when trust in our government officials is being questioned daily, our Illinois State Police (ISP), have thrown another curve ball that clearly points to a problem and only helps to erode trust in that agency.


We’re pleased to announce that the Edgar County Watchdogs, also known statewide as Illinois Leaks, have won the 2016 VKK Unsung Hero Award.

I guess we made a state rep candidate mad…

We report material obtained through official documents and here’s what we get back: A state rep candidate claiming we’re lying and shooting into the wind trying to blame every conservative voice in the lower two-thirds of the state.

Edgar County Motions To Dismiss Lawsuit v. RIDES Mass Transit District

A lawsuit filed by Edgar County’s former RIDES Mass Transit District via their attorney, Harrisburg’s own Robert Wilson, is the subject of this piece by our friends the Edgar County Watchdogs; give it a read


The phrase “we’ve always done it this way” is apparently the go-to one in this kind of instance…but the problem is, that phrase is exactly why Illinois is in the state it’s in.

The media is a food chain that would fall apart without LOCAL newspapers…

…and we don’t mean “the newspaper sitting in the middle of your city.”

Village of Cahokia, Commonfields Water District cancel meetings when ECWds arrive

They must be hiding things to go to these steps in order to keep the public from attending public meetings.

Franklin County Public Hospital Terminates CEO Contract, adjusts Public Comment Policy

On the front page of the current edition of Disclosure, we’re running the entire article about how this situation unfolded and how Herv has lost his job

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