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Raymond Martin’s appeals attorneys presented arguments Friday, 12.02.11

The argument for overturn of his conviction in federal court, and setting of a new trial, was given as scheduled this past Friday, Dec. 2, 2011.

Martin appeal continued to December; feds ask for documents to be sealed

The highly-anticipated oral argument of former Gallatin County sheriff Raymond Martin’s appeal, set to occur Wednesday, didn’t go down as planned.

Will Brian Mann ultimately be responsible for getting Raymondo out on appeal?

Talk about colossally stupid moves.

Why the Martin jury, judge and court officials left the room Tuesday…

Believe it or not, it all has something to do with Brian Mann.

Cross-examination is somewhat low-key in Martin case

When you have crisp clear audio and video of your client selling POUNDS of dope and the guy who sold it for him ratting him out, there’s not a whole lot you can do for cross-examination…but one must try.

Saline Co. grand jury indictee located in Gallatin…along with some other things

A host of agents from every imaginable law enforcement entity has converged on Gallatin County as of yesterday, 08.18.10

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