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Round & round we DON’T go…at least not as much as before

Many of our regular readers of the past decade or so know that we here at Disclosure don’t support the American Cancer Society in any way shape or form.

Relay totals fall throughout region

While it may appear from mainstream media coverage that the popularity of the American Cancer Society’s “signature fundraiser,” the Relay for Life, isn’t waning, the numbers don’t lie.

Disease that greed hath wrought may have infected us all… not that docs will admit it

Would you be mad if you learned your doctor hasn’t been completely truthful with you?

How about if you learned that he or she were hiding a crucial fact regarding treatment of your specific ailment, i.e. that you’re just being treated for symptoms, not what’s causing them, when if you could have addressed what caused them quickly upon onset, you’d be just your regular fine old self, something you haven’t been for over a year, five years, ten years, fifteen…?

Tha shake n bake method: Human DNA, too?

Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats has an acronym: Crispr.

You will be hearing about Crispr more and more in the next couple of years, and about the pioneer scientists who developed Crispr.

It is nothing new. It began in 2012, and a mere five years later, scientists are using the gene editing process (Crispr) to do such things as cure HIV in mice and genetically engineer pigs that are used as human organ donors.


Due to some blood drive PSAs in the news today, we opted to bring you this, first published in January of 2015.


Hey peeps….have you got out and gotten the latest print edition of Disclosure…? Because if you haven’t, you’d better…it looks like this one might be one for the record books.

Back Over Your Tales

From the pages of the May 2010 edition of Disclosure:

The REAL reason journalism has always been referred to as the Fourth Branch of Government

I know I have ranted about this general subject in the past, so if this starts sounding familiar and you get bored, feel free to skip this column and move to something else.

It’s the most sickening tiiiiiime…of the year

(Nothing in this column is to be construed as medical advice. All references in it are either my own experiences, are cited from alternative medical sources, or are simply common sense…something we’re so lacking these days that it’s become incumbent upon a columnist to start out a column with this disclaimer.)

Things I have learned in three weeks’ time

As is usually the case, over Christmas break I got a cold…which, of course, with my messed-up immune system (with lupus, immune systems are hyper-reactive, not reduced), that set me up to get the flu that was going around at the beginning of the year. Don’t ask me how that works; I only know that I’ve been living with this lupus SLE on and off since 1990, and I know that it does.

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