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For over 15 years, Disclosure has reported on the people, the malfeasance and the corruption in Southern Illinois that corporate media won’t cover.

Here on Disclosure you’ll hear the voices that you won’t hear in the corporate media.

• Independent journalism

• Perspectives you won’t hear anywhere else: We’re not robots, we have a conscience…if something’s wrong, it’s our job to let you know why it’s wrong

• Incisive critical analysis

• In-depth coverage when other media outlets are sleeping or got their 30-second sound bite and gone home for the day

• Real local news: born here, raised here, done here…not outsourced like the other “local” media

But it costs us money to keep Disclosure online and that’s why we need your support. By donating you’ll be contributing to the struggle for independent, conservative and critical journalism.

We are dominated by corporate owned media everywhere we turn. Today’s big media conglomerates have more in common with their giant brethren in telecommunications, health care, drugs, banks, insurance companies etc. than they do with real media that search for the truth and keep us citizens informed. That is why we need to be selective about where we get our news.

Disclosure is a popular on-line source of journalism, investigation and opinion — news that you can use and trust, that is read by hundreds of thousands each month. Disclosure believes that media must have a higher purpose beyond the commercial goals of most mainstream media. They insist on playing an active role in helping their community funnel its energy into change.

Take this pledge today to support independent media like Disclosure and its many partners. Pledge to read independent content and forward great articles to your friends and colleagues, to keep our community well-informed and primed for action.

Please donate — a few dollars or more if you can afford to do so. Disclosure does not rely so heavily on corporate ad revenue like the corporate media.

It is up to YOU to help us keep the independent journalism alive and healthy. Please consider making a donation.

Don’t want to use PayPal or a credit card? You can send a personal check instead: Please make the check payable to Disclosure

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