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Getting them in dribs and drabs….

Texas Man Breaks Leg While Trying To Have Sex With Horse: Police

It was a Texas man’s third arrest for having sex with a horse, and this time, he paid for it in pain.

Man Arrested On 9th DWI Charge Wears Unsurprising T-Shirt

You can’t say he didn’t warn you.

Suspect Falls Asleep During Mugshot: Cops

It wasn’t all a dream.

Jessica Albitz Allegedly Headbutted Tax Worker Alice Keener At Big Box Store

A woman in Deer Park, Texas, has been banned from her local Walmart after allegedly headbutting a tax worker during a disagreement.

Teen runaways captured

As of press time, serious charges were pending against Caleb Gallion, 18, (shown above) of Sumner in Lawrence County, who disappeared with Chloe Case in early February. Gallion was still held in Texas, with Case back home; the article will be featured as an e-Edition Xtra on www.disclosurenewsonline.com ONLY.

Boy Suspended For Threatening Friend With Ring Forged In Fires Of Mount Doom: Dad

Well, the consequences could have been a lot worse.

Shooting At VA Hospital In Texas; Reports Of Injuries

A West Texas military hospital was on lockdown Tuesday night after an “active shooter” was confirmed in the area, according to several media outlets.

Carjackers Thwarted By Car’s Stick Shift: Cops

Authorities say two teenagers attempting to carjack a vehicle in Houston were foiled by a stick shift.

Candidate with Felony Indictment Wins Re-Election by a Landslide… Then Gets Convicted for Misdemeanor 3 Days Later.

Democratic Texas State Representative Ron Reynolds is in trouble…again. Named by Texas Monthly as the ‘Worst Legislator of 2013,’ Reynolds hasn’t exactly made a name for himself with his policy decisions.

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