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Fauxcahontas: Because SCIENCE!

I believe this simian pictured here has a unique and appropriate grasp of the situation of Elizabeth “Faucahontas” Warren claiming she’s really really REALLY part Native American.

Two arrested after using Facebook to allegedly sell meth

You know it’s happening all over. Finally, though, someone paid attention.

Madigan opposes effort to deny asylum to victims of domestic and gang violence

Hey….can people in Harrisburg ask for asylum from gang violence…? Asking for a friend.

WAR ON WASTE: Something EVERYONE should get behind

Instead of infighting, perhaps they should all try fighting something that will benefit ALL if executed properly.

Double-fatality crash update: Driver arrested

The Gibson County Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant yesterday (September 27) for Ashley Sanders, 25, of Patoka

Owensville, Ind., man arrested for Child Exploitation

A 28-year-old Owensville man was arrested Friday, September 21, by Indiana State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Unit for Child Exploitation and Possession of Child Pornography.

Why is everybody overlooking the obvious regarding the NYT “anonymous” op-ed piece…?

I literally can’t believe the stupidity that’s gripping American society.

Madigan files another amicus brief, this one opposing defunding Planned Parenthood

The number one cause of death of the unborn is their own mothers killing them. And Lisa’s okay with that.

Princeton, Ind., man arrested for Possession of Child Pornography

A 58-year-old Princeton man was arrested earlier this afternoon (Wednesday, September 5) by Indiana State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Unit for possessing child pornography.

Here’s to hoping “drive-thru drug trailer” doesn’t catch on here in Illinois…

It took the “only in Florida” trope to finally develop something we’ve feared might happen in southern Illinois locales…and we’re hoping nobody gets any ideas.

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