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Mexico’s most wanted drug lord captured, U.S. official says

Joaquin Guzman, “El Chapo,” the most wanted drug lord in Mexico and a multibillionaire fugitive, has been captured, a senior U.S. official said Saturday.

Hundreds of human remains found in Mexico near U.S. border

Hundreds of skeletal remains were found in northern Mexico near the U.S. border during a recent search for missing persons, authorities said Monday.

Man Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison in Death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

A man convicted in the shooting death of a federal Border Patrol agent during a firefight that revealed the government’s botched gun-smuggling investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious was sentenced Monday to 30 years in prison.

American adventurer missing in Mexico

Harry Devert’s motorcycle journey from the United States to Latin America is somewhat reminiscent of “The Motorcycle Diaries,” which recount the South American travels of revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara on an old motorbike in search of his insurgent spirit.

“Whistle-blower” Ben Franklin was the Edward Snowden of his time

History can be inconvenient. For those who condemn Edward Snowden it is best not to look into the history of one of the nation’s most influential forefathers, Benjamin Franklin.

Not only was Franklin the Snowden of his day, publishing letters incriminating the British crown, he even established his own network of counter-surveillance and manipulation, according to Wikipedia.


AP is reporting that six people involved in the theft of radioactive materials are hospitalized in Pachucha, Mexico, with police blocking the hospital so they cannot escape arrest.

Truck Carrying Nuclear Waste Stolen In Mexico: IAEA

The truck was transporting the radioactive isotope cobalt-60 from a hospital in Tijuana to a radioactive waste storage facility when it was taken on Monday

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