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Can Rahm Emanuel manage Chicago?

Chicago is in trouble and continues to flirt with junk bond status. But the city’s financial woes aren’t stopping 10,600 government employees from bringing home six-figure salaries and higher. This includes 40,000 city workers who earned $40,000 or more last year in overtime pay.

West Salem native killed in Gibson County, Indiana, two-vehicle crash

A woman originally from Edwards County is the victim in a two-car collision that occurred Thursday morning in Indiana.

Mind control…? Or another meth-induced hallucination?

Meth is a terrible drug.

INDIANA: Gibson County Deputy arrested on child sex allegations

Indiana State Police have advised that a sheriff’s deputy and school resource officer has been jailed in Gibson County for alleged sexual conduct with two male juveniles.

News budget busted

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS– The ongoing saga of the woes surrounding Peoples National Bank and Grand Rivers Community Bank, and the federal civil case…

AG Madigan announces ongoing investigation of prescription opioid manufacturers

Apparently, Lisa Madigan can’t figure out why so many people are addicted to opiates. Here’s a big hint for ya, Lise….poppy fields ~ protection ~ wars ~ making fatcats rich ~ culling the herd ~ Obamacare ~ destruction of the country from within.

Illinois Local Governments own more than 270,000 vehicles

According to the results of a Freedom of Information Act request to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, local governments in Illinois have licensed more than 270,000 vehicles in this state

Progressive Think Tank Funded By Taxpayers

In many cases, Brookings doesn’t resemble a think tank, but a jukebox – add a little coin and Brookings will play your tune, if the price is right.

Lisa Madigan issues ‘Know your rights’ immigration materials for interacting with law enforcement

Our AG adds another layer of trouble for our police officers, who are already outnumbered when it comes to dealing with illegals (criminals).

Peoples fires back at racketeering charges

SO. ILL. – A troubled bank, loans that are likely going to have to be written off after foreclosures have failed, illegitimate children and rumors of federal agents running all over Saline County have underscored the past two months (April and May) of the world of the Bonans.

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