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Category archives for: 15.11 – Jan 2018


RIDGWAY – The execution of a search warrant at a residence in Ridgway in early January prompted speculation about ongoing drug activity, but authorities said it was nothing of the sort – yet, anyway.

Bond Reform Act: Is it a disaster waiting to happen?

ILLINOIS – A bill that’s allowing “low-level” offenders to get out of jail without posting any bond was put into effect on New Year’s Day, and it’s leaving many people scratching their heads as repeat crims now know all they have to do is wait a few days…and no one has to come up with their bond, including dope-dealers’ handlers, to secure their release.

Feds bust Thacker

MARION/CLAY COs. – Federal agents held true to their word that they were investigating a Marion man following a number of county drug busts, and now, Alma resident Dennis (DJ) Thacker Jr. is in custody of the feds in Benton.

Audit results near; so do the election dates

SALINE CO. – The countdown to the revealing of what a west coast auditing firm has discovered about Saline County government finances has begun, and is reported to be ready for the county board on January 19.  In the meantime, the problems that sparked the expensive audit continue to occur, and in fact, the situation […]

Throwdown in O-town

RICHLAND CO. – Despite a hue and cry raised by their friends and relatives on social media, it appears that an Olney couple really did try to beat each other up just prior to the holidays, and that the female of the two was apparently mistaking her babydaddy for a vampire.

Jasper Co. School Board sued by board member

JASPER CO. – A Jasper County Board of Education member has sued the board to which he was elected in 2015.

Bones found in rural Wayne Co. could be any one of the missing – or none of them

WAYNE CO. – The discovery of human bones in a rural Wayne County location has again raised the speculation that a missing persons case might soon be resolved…but which missing person, since there are so many in the area, remains to be seen.

Hard times in Hardin for property tax payers

HARDIN CO. – Taxpayers in Hardin County are, one after another, reporting their extreme displeasure over increases in property tax.

Curry charged AGAIN

SALINE CO. – The man who’s quickly becoming known as the terror of Wasson has been arrested – and bonded out – again after a row with his wife…and neighbors are stating that their concern is that authorities aren’t taking the situation as seriously as they should.

Briefs from around the Disclosure area………

Former Claremont doper accused of thieving from gambling joint / Vehicle burglarized / Entered without permission / Carmi drug felon already serving probation busted for possession / Hard times befall Atwood; credit card files for collection / Grayville squeaks past drug dealer conviction / West Salem teen caught with handgun / Suspected Olney drug dealer bonds out live-in / Woman awaiting drug trial and who has dodged drug dealer conviction has been busted on possession charge / Mt. Carmel teen earns fifth arrest before 2017 ends / Cisne woman charged with swiping frying pan, perfume and more / Early morning visit by police land Mt. Carmel woman behind bars on drug charge / McForgery charged as bogus Ben passed at McDonalds

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