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Category archives for: 15.09 – Dec 2017

Questions arise over attorney fees

LAWRENCEVILLE – A fine levied against a popular Lawrenceville nursing home has brought up questions about just how much money the facility is spending on attorneys.

Drug-and-theft ring busted

GALLATIN CO. – What’s being described as a drug-and-theft ring that in the estimation of some has been operating far too long in Gallatin County has been broken up by Gallatin’s new state’s attorney.

Charged with child porn using own daughter

JASPER CO.— A former Willow Hill man, now claiming to be from Newton, has been charged with using his own daughter to allow the production of child pornography.


HARDIN CO. – What was almost a major issue in Hardin County in mid-November turned out to be not-so-big of a deal…but it did serve to underscore a bit of a deficiency in Hardin County government, one that’s been going on for over three years now.

Village files civil suit

POPE CO. – The Village of Eddyville has gone the route of the civil court in order to recoup losses sustained almost two years ago when their former village treasurer robbed them blind and a mysterious fire destroyed some of the evidence.

Noble drug-dealing suspect busted living with meth cook

RICHLAND CO.— A Noble man who has been charged in the past with dealing drugs and is awaiting trial on a meth possession charge has been busted again for dealing.

Battery charges against Jasper deputy dismissed

JASPER CO. – The closure of the case against Eric Lamb in Jasper County is complete, and answers are scarce as to why the whole thing was dismissed.

Unstable antics in sex offense case

CRAWFORD CO. – A Robinson man is headed to a January jury trial after wranglings in court over attorneys, procedure, and in what appears to be his primary concern, fitness.

Out-of-county, repeat, and selfie-taking offenders make the misdemeanor rolls

RICHLAND CO. – The delay in time frame between arrests on misdemeanor charges and actual filings continues to be a lengthy one in Richland County, but at least the job’s getting done.

Former meth cook suspect busted for burglary, meth and punching cop

SALINE CO.— A Harrisburg man who has in the past been charged as a methamphetamine cook is now not only facing burglary and drug charges, he’s also accused of punching a police officer.

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