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Category archives for: 15.08 – Nov 2017

Embattled agency steps in it AGAIN

WHITE/CLAY COs.–A Springerton woman who, along with her husband, are foster care parents in Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) system, has been doing battle with that system and its flawed policies. The ordeal that Ellen Smith and her husband Mark, have gone through only recently, has already been litigated in court proceedings […]

Where’s the money? Sparks fly as county audit begins

SALINE CO. – Ongoing recrimination and finger-pointing at the upper levels of Saline County government reached a fever pitch in the days leading up to an audit that began November 7, to be conducted in the wake of questions arising over the County Clerk’s office finances.

FORECLOSURE: Grand Rivers Community Bank attempts collection on another loan

WHITE CO. – The dispute between two southern Illinois banks continues to roil in area courtrooms with the most recent filing by one of the banks against a business in Carmi that was loaned money under questionable circumstances.

Threats of school violence addressed

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS – Between September 20 and October 25 – right after the beginning of the school year – three schools in Disclosure’s coverage area suffered some form of the latest school trend: Violence or a threat thereof.

Former Edgar County political gadfly arrested on Domestic Battery

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Owing to an auto-correct typo, Edgar County State’s Attorney Mark Isaf was incorrectly named in this article as Mark “Isom.” It is corrected here at the e-Edition, but there’s nothing we can do about the print version. Disclosure apologizes to readers who know better and may have been confused. To Isaf: Seriously. No matter what your name is, DO YOUR JOB.

Former chief deputy’s supporters gripe about arrest

SALINE CO. – Saline County’s former chief deputy and school board president, who was set to make a bid for sheriff in four more years before he was arrested in mid-2010, has been charged and arrested again.

Former ‘guardian’ of murdered child charged with misdemeanor

RICHLAND CO. – A man who was unofficially a guardian for a while for the late Sabrina Stauffenberg has been charged with a misdemeanor in Richland County.

Former EMT back in jail

WHITE CO. – An EMT from Gallatin County who had most recently been working for the White County Ambulance Service is back in that county – but this time, not at work.

Another ‘landlord theft’ case filed in Richland

RICHLAND CO. – A man who’s becoming known as the county’s least-favorite landlord has been charged with theft again in Richland County.

Grayville man shot by cop charged again with fleeing

WHITE CO. – The man who could have had a chance at a major lawsuit after being shot by a cop if he’d moved a little faster on it has managed to land in trouble again.

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