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Category archives for: 15.06 – Aug/Sept 2017

Two sued: Civil case filed in rural August 2015 crash

RICHLAND CO. – Another failure by Richland County’s former prosecutor has gotten two individuals and a local oil company sued.


HARRISBURG – Harrisburg residents had reason to rejoice when, in mid-August, it was announced that a young thug’s criminal case was gong to be moved from juvenile court to adult court.

Grandpa beaten then set on fire

HARDIN CO. – Two cousins escalated a family feud into a significant crime event in an incident that involved arson at Saline Landing in Hardin County August 7.

Doctor under fire

LAWRENCE CO. – A doctor who has been practicing at Lawrence Memorial Hospital for almost four years now has taken to the Lawrence County Court system to clear his name and protect his license.

Edgar deputy selling property in advance of bankruptcy judgment

EDGAR CO. – The deputy who has caused more civil rights dissent for his county than any in downstate Illinois is back in the headlines again, apparently just narrowly avoiding in trouble over a bankruptcy.

Edgewood sex offender bonds out Farina suspect

CLAY CO.— A Farina man, already serving a sentence following a domestic battery conviction from last year, has been charged with Criminal Trespass to a Residence after police say he went into a neighbor’s home while they were present.

Shooting situation gets weirder

RICHLAND/LAWRENCE COs. – The situation of a mid-June shooting incident in the Petrolia area that injured two people has taken a bizarre turn…and all because so far, no charges have been filed against the alleged shooter in the case.

Unspecified injuries and ‘retaliatory’ action prompts lawsuit against Walmart

LAWRENCE CO. – The woman who has spent a good portion of her life trying to prove who killed her son in 2001 might get an unexpected financial boost in that fight following an employee injury claim at Lawrenceville’s Walmart.

Family criminal inclinations on display in Atkinson case; charged with stealing over $44K from employer

SALINE CO. – It’s beginning to appear as though an entire family has criminal inclinations that only the authorities can bring under control.

Golconda doper busted for stealing from convicted Harrisburg meth cook

SALINE CO.— A Golconda convicted meth felon faces felonies in two separate cases in Saline County.

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