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The young Bridgeport drug felon who made a name for himself in Lawrence County outrunning the cops on more than one occasion couldn’t outrun his own bad habits, and now, he’s looking at a lengthy prison stint because of it.

HootieMom has meltdown over article

Wells, as one of Lawrence County’s foremost methslingers at a very young age years ago, painted a target on his back at that time.

Starve a cold feed a…. Feed a cold starve a…

How come you can never remember which one of those old wives’ tales it is when you are sick?

And then there’s that old saying about cats…

Well, it looks like I made it.

I hardly noticed one year fading away and the new one arriving.

Getting “Rocked” isn’t exactly what I expected

Prior to checking the mail the other day I only knew the term “Rock” to be linked with Rock-n-Roll.

I might be showing my age and/or personality here, but when I was younger, I connected Rock-n-Roll with some butt-kicking music, heavy on the drums, overdone on the guitar and way overboard on the subject matter.

Of hoop jumpin’ and having a nice day, etc.

So here we all are staring at yet another round of seasonal dysfunctional disorder SDD.

When is a promise not a promise…….?

This is one of those times of the year when I pause briefly and perform a quick review of the year, kind of a systems check, if you will.

See ya tomorrow… if it gets here… maybe…

Okay, so now that the world didn’t end I have to come up with a way to get all my stuff back.


Now as funny as that is, or was supposed to be anyway, have you ever thought about how you would feel if suddenly you realized: This is it! The world is ending right NOW!

When your wife demands you find that noise!

I have been battling a bug as of late.

No, it’s not anything catchy, or catching.

Not that I wouldn’t share it with a select few people given half a chance, but then that wouldn’t be nice now, would it?

Plan on givin’ em something cry about

Most of us around my age, or so, have heard the old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the oil… or grease or… whatever the heck it is that makes it stop squeaking.

I don’t know if having grown up with that old saying makes us old or wise or what.

Maybe neither.

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