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Happy holidays from the Lord of Misrule

There was a time in America when celebrating Christmas could net you a fine of five shillings.

No jobs, you say? Head out the Bakken way!

Attention oilfield workers: Tool pushers, drillers, derrick hands, motormen, floorhands, roustabouts, and all other related gluttons for punishment. Is the man from down at the bank at your house more than he is his own these days? Do you have the kids eating cereal with a fork to save on milk? Do you take the family to KFC on Saturdays just to lick other peoples’ fingers? Then let me get you out of the house and back in the oil patch…air you out a little.

Have nothing to hide? Please read this column

Wow, some of the e-mails I get and where they lead, when I’m able to get around to reading them. And to those who might feel like they have been slighted in some way, don’t. You will always get a reply. It’s just that all too often when I belly up to the keyboard the fat fickle finger of fate commences with jackhammer prostrate exam (metaphorically) and I get sidelined, derailed, or just overwhelmed by life in general and lose consciousness!

A trip from reality, courtesy Dennis Rodman

I can’t think of anything more detestable to a sane person than the abuse, neglect or murder of children. A more despicable creature has never been created than the one who would perpetrate any acts of violence against a child. None.

Weiners and Leathers and… let’s stop there

As embarrassing as it is, I have to admit to following the current campaign of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner.

Congratulations. You are a classic racist

I convinced myself that I was finished with the whole wretched saga of Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman having written on the subject months ago.

Sometimes the law ARE ‘children of the corn’

Let us point out that it took great courage on the part of guest columnist Jerry Panozzo to admit an inexplicable uneasiness when near a darkening cornfield.

Liberty, trumped & dumped in wake of NSA spying

“No more national security letters to spy on citizens WHO ARE NOT SUSPECTED OF A CRIME.” Sen. Barack Obama

‘Wheels of the World’ helping others

Imagine if you will, raising a child whose lack of mobility due to a handicap keeps them confined inside the home practically 24/7.

Pachyderms, ostriches & animal attacks over Doritos

A gang banger mistakes circus elephant for girlfriend and shoots it in the shoulder after domestic dispute?

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