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Censoring dissent: Didn’t we already move past this garbage in 1776…?

As this was being typed (on deadline…as way too frequently is occurring these days…and I mean RIGHT ON deadline…as in, this goes to press in a few hours…), riots were continuing in England.

I don’t blame them; there’s a lot going on in England. In London, voters a couple of years back made the mistake of electing someone for mayor who has zero respect for the country as a whole and wants to change it “fundamentally.”

Sound familiar?

Man, the man is Nonnnnnnnn-STOP. Especially for those left behind

Would you work at something all day long, every day, for a pay of about six bucks?

I’m talking from the time the sun comes up until long after it sets. That’d be a WHOLE LOT more than the standard 8-hour workday. Alllllllllll day, every day, for roughly six dollars and about 38 cents, if the last calculation I saw is accurate.

When ‘see something, say something’ doesn’t work

This will probably be a short column.

Not because there’s not much to say about the subject in the headline up there, but because the whole notion sets my teeth on edge and always has, and I just had a chiropractic adjustment right before writing this, and when I grind my teeth, it messes with the muscles in my neck that are having issues, so I don’t need that.

Moving toward pedophilia as acceptable…?

I am a highly critical person when it comes to things I’ve lived and breathed and then see those things being marred by others.

Let me explain.

The hypocrisy of Hollyweird…it’s real; I’ve seen it

I am so happy that the hypocrisy of Hollyweird is now a topic du jour at this point in time.

I mean, I realize “du jour” means “of the day” (I did study French for a year of college); we use that phrase as a joke. It’s not “du jour” so much anymore as it is “de la semaine” (of the week). It’s like every Monday morning, we wake up and look at news feeds on our phones, and see the big subject that lying, dishonest mainstream media is obsessing over for the week. Usually it has something to do with the president. Sometimes, however, it’s something real…like corruption, perversion, and crime coming out in a big way.

The haves and have-nots and narrowing that gap

It is economically impossible to sustain this state of Illinois with the direction it’s moving in right now.

But this is something that people can’t seem to learn from the ground up…and when you have so many people being outrageously irresponsible with their home budgets, and the state constantly raising taxes (“temporarily,” sometimes…haha) because they don’t HAVE a budget, you begin to see a situation that’s not a microcosm, but more like a macrocosm.

Will what’s important now be so in 100 years?

Imagine that it’s 100 years from now.

2117. Never thought you’d see it, eh? But there you are.

Disease that greed hath wrought may have infected us all… not that docs will admit it

Would you be mad if you learned your doctor hasn’t been completely truthful with you?

How about if you learned that he or she were hiding a crucial fact regarding treatment of your specific ailment, i.e. that you’re just being treated for symptoms, not what’s causing them, when if you could have addressed what caused them quickly upon onset, you’d be just your regular fine old self, something you haven’t been for over a year, five years, ten years, fifteen…?

Jury duty primer for the honest and forthright

So there I was, having to get up before dawn every single day of the month of June for various causes one after the other…and every Tuesday after 5 p.m., I was having to call a Saline County courthouse prerecorded number to find out what I was going to be doing the next morning and what I was going to be doing after that 5 a.m. wakeup.

Some things don’t change…and some things DO

As you regular readers may already know, we’re in our fifteenth year here.

And while some things never change, it’s true that MOST things, in a decade and a half, do.

Let’s review a few things that haven’t changed in fifteen years.

We’ll start with West Salem “fire chief” Harv Fenton.

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