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An Ill. Department of Juvenile Justice story

If you live in Southern Illinois you are aware there is not a huge abundance of high paying jobs with good family benefits. I’m just like the next middle class mother, trying to provide her children with a comfortable life. When I came across the position of Juvenile Justice Specialist, the pay and benefits sounded almost too good to be true. I had worked as a substance abuse counselor, a GED instructor at our community college, and coached youth sports in our community for a number of years – none of which provided an income adequate for a family of five, but still rewarding in their own. Therefore, the IDJJ position, which described developing rapport with incarcerated youths, aiding in their rehabilitation, etc., at a starting salary of $52,000, sounded like a dream come true.

An exposé into the creation of mortality rates — Its impact on our public health beliefs and choices

I work with doctors, coroners and the local county registrars everyday to create death records. It’s what I do for a living and wanted to share my thoughts on the mortality rates being thrown around on mainstream and social media regarding the influenza epidemic. Please note: This information I am sharing is not limited to influenza reporting, but rather, serves as a case study of how the mortality rate recording system (mal)functions at large.

The butterfly effect and my criminal footprint

There are certain laws at play in the universe that affect everybody. A person doesn’t have to believe in them or even understand them to be subject to their rules. Gravity is a good example of this premise. You can’t see it, touch it, or necessarily explain it, but it’s real nonetheless, and at work in your life every single day. An individual’s belief in gravity does absolutely nothing to establish whether or not gravity exists. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the banks of the Wabash River in Mt. Carmel, Illinois or behind the 40 foot wall of a federal penitentiary like I am. The simple truth is that some things are true whether you believe in them or not.

#MeToo…the misappropriation of victimization

Read my words before you pigeonhole my thoughts.

I am sincerely on the side of the victim. What I am not in concert with is the mis-use of a platform that desperately needs to be paid attention. I understand the Weinstein debacle, I fully support the view that what he is alleged to have done is sickening and wrong.

Collectivism vs. individualism to avoid racism

Horizontal and vertical collectivism are the main frameworks for fascism, supremacism, communism, socialism, divine rule, monarchism, and most political ideologies. Individualism and collectivism are both part of all, but collectivist predominance is the key.

Clauses seem to be a focus for the anti-gun group

Real quick.

Let’s get some clarification on a couple things in regard to the Second Amendment.

There are two clauses; the prefatory clause and the operative clause. These clauses are not a creation of 21st Century pro-Second advocates. They’ve been around forever.

Timely tips for the Che-shirt-wearing crowd

I heard about a fella that died late last month. He must’ve been a hell of a great man.

The American flag represents ALL of us

No one says racism doesn’t exist. No one. Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about facts. Not opinions. Facts.

Election 2016: What happens when indoctrination trumps education

The nationwide reactions to a resounding Trump win are clueless. We see crying. We see safe spaces. Professors are letting “traumatized” students out of exams. Gee, I hope this nation doesn’t have to go to win an actual war soon. These pansies couldn’t handle a stern recruiter.

Americans have awakened and are mad as hornets

The GOP/RNC and DC Political Class and their leash-holders are too stupid to realize is that the people are in a rage.

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