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Ashmore Estates damaged in storm

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Living Dead Paranormal from Greenville, Ohio. I would like to introduce Josh, Rocky, and Shaun Fourman along with a close friend, Greg Brown. They decided to become a paranormal investigative team in 2007. The Fourman brothers have had a keen interest in the paranormal since experiencing paranormal activity in their childhood home. Now, their interest has become a passion to discover what lies beyond and to uncover the truth about the paranormal. Living Dead Paranormal has embarked on a mission to investigate reputedly haunted locations across the country in order to film and document unexplained paranormal activity. Their videos can be viewed on youtube.com at fourman04 or by typing in “living dead paranormal,” and they are on Facebook at Rocky Fourman or go to the Living Dead Paranormal page.

Question: Is expensive equipment necessary for ghost hunting?

This month’s question comes from John, from Charleston, Ill. He asks if you need the expensive equipment to go ghost hunting, like the shows on TV?

Ghostly iPhone/Android apps; haunted houses

Q. This week’s question comes from Joe from Charleston, Ill. He asks if the apps on the Android or iPhone apps really work, and if they are worth the money or time to get them.

Historical cemetery preservationist featured

This week’s question comes from Michael from, Terre Haute IN. Q: Do ghosts stay in one place or move around as they see continue on their time in Limbo? A: Well Michael I have found in my research and from other investigators that spirits do travel and they don’t just stay in one place. Normally […]

Question about ‘orbs’; interview with Bruce Cline

This month, Ask Mike will be answering a question about “orbs” (points of light or ‘glows’ in photos taken that weren’t visible to the naked eye, but show up in the photos), and talk to paranormal investigator and writer, Bruce Cline, of Carbondale, Illinois.

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