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The young Bridgeport drug felon who made a name for himself in Lawrence County outrunning the cops on more than one occasion couldn’t outrun his own bad habits, and now, he’s looking at a lengthy prison stint because of it.

HootieMom has meltdown over article

Wells, as one of Lawrence County’s foremost methslingers at a very young age years ago, painted a target on his back at that time.

As a matter of fact, you DO own this ‘business’

Let us supposed that you have a business, if you don’t already. At that business, the major portion of the actual building structures are well over 100 years old.

Voice of the People

Letters to the Editor: Seeking to improve fathers’ rights

Censoring dissent: Didn’t we already move past this garbage in 1776…?

As this was being typed (on deadline…as way too frequently is occurring these days…and I mean RIGHT ON deadline…as in, this goes to press in a few hours…), riots were continuing in England.

I don’t blame them; there’s a lot going on in England. In London, voters a couple of years back made the mistake of electing someone for mayor who has zero respect for the country as a whole and wants to change it “fundamentally.”

Sound familiar?

The prez weathering the ‘storm’ while liar-in-chief’s “legacy” is ignored by all

We had three American citizens returned from Kim Jong Un’s North Korea. Happened that their arrival was met by our President Donald John Trump, at 3 a.m.

One of the first statements by DJT was a comment of how at no other time has the television ratings been so high. Really….he said that.

Man, the man is Nonnnnnnnn-STOP. Especially for those left behind

Would you work at something all day long, every day, for a pay of about six bucks?

I’m talking from the time the sun comes up until long after it sets. That’d be a WHOLE LOT more than the standard 8-hour workday. Alllllllllll day, every day, for roughly six dollars and about 38 cents, if the last calculation I saw is accurate.

Fill that bucket (list) with ice and beer!

In the past decade or so, I have laid bare the facts of my earlier days that involved a penchant for a lifestyle that some might consider destructive. Seeking out parties, shindigs, and impromptu riotous gatherings that could be seen from space.

Briefs from around the Disclosure area …

Man awaiting trial for guns and violence busted again / Goes to jail for lying to police / Stonefort man gets DUI on Karber’s Ridge Road / Drug arrests include 2017 case, Carrier Mills cocaine and Eldorado meth / Carrier Mills cocaine bust / Eldorado meth bust / Harrisburg man on drug probation busted for meth possession / Man awaiting three trials busted again / Harrisburg woman awaiting trial busted for the same thing / Four busted in local thefts, forgeries and bad checks / Hibbett heist / Bad check / Creal Springs forgery / 4 felonies in 2 cases / Man grabs steering wheel, crashed car with kids / Meth felon busted for drug possession

Briefs from around the Disclosure area …

Suspected drug dealer busted with dope and guns / Sumner men convicted of stealing farm equipment / Circle K gift card / Four-wheeler theft / ‘Homeless’ meth felon and housemate busted for possession / Drunk-driving prison rat calls BS in court, earning 30-day contempt sentence / McLeansboro drug dealer accused of battering pregnant woman / Man charged with breaking into Albion woman’s home and taking off in her car / Clay man on recog bond found with drugs, runs from police / Richland drunk driver charged with possession / Olney man claiming homelessness suspected of forgery / Ridgway teen arrested for violence at school

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