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Another treat for you: Print Headlines for April 2018!

We’re speeding along with the Print Headlines that we missed owing to circumstances beyond our control (*coffcoff*hack* Lyme *coff*), and today we’re presenting you with the missed Print Headlines from the April issue of this year

Maunie resident acts crazed in front of officers; almost TASERed during warrant arrest

An attempt to serve a misdemeanor warrant Friday on a Maunie resident turned into a spectacle of crazed behavior that might’ve warranted using a TASER, but White County officers showed restraint and brought the nutty guy in without further incident.

SUICIDE IN CHAUNCEY: Authorities reportedly come after man who shoots himself in front of them

A Chauncey-area man is dead following what local sources advise was a suicide.

What is it with people pretending to be federal marshals….?

Months after a whacked-out Indiana resident tried to pull a slick one – and almost succeeded – on Paris and Edgar County authorities, yet another guy has done the same, this time in Johnston City in Williamson County.

Carterville woman finds out the hard way: Making alleged threats isn’t “redressing grievances”

Details in the case are much more disturbing than local mainstream media is reporting. Read this to understand.

WHITE COUNTY: Tense moments for woman allegedly stalked from Norris City out to county

A bizarre situation involving alcohol, an ex, driving on a flat tire and a serious case of he said/she said lit up the weekend for White County authorities, this after a Ridgway woman claimed she was being stalked by a Norris City man.

Gab.com shut down; likely over synagogue shooter’s posts there

Hegelian Dialect is all around us these days.

Rutan hire busted, terminated for allegedly sending explicit pics

This sick and twisted society’s latest “thing” has gotten a Crawford County deputy on the unemployment line…but only after his boss the sheriff was basically forced to do something about it.

Anna resident supplies information questioning Edmonds’ fitness to hold office

A resident of Anna in Johnson County has done her research, and has supplied us with an incredibly stunning situation brewing in Johnson County in deep downstate Illinois: A state’s attorney, running for judge, is apparently running (and has been functioning) improperly and yes, illegally.

WHY do we get all the nutty cases…?

I’m guessing – only GUESSING – that because it’s election season, and because the civil war in this country between those who have sense and those who lack it is firing up, this would be why the nutjobs are coming out of the woodwork.

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