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Ian Hamilton’s woes go from bad to worse

It seems some crims are destined for self-destruction.

Former mayor’s kid arrested on felony battery count

Molly Kasiar continues to show she is not biased when it comes to alleged violations of the law.

Today is the 94th anniversary of the worst tornado on record

Today, March 18, 2019. marks the 94th anniversary of the worst tornadic disaster in recorded history.

Missing jacket gets guy with multiple addresses – including one in Saline County – hemmed up in White

A missing jacket owned by White County’s Community Service Director got a guy who reports addresses in Saline County as well as Granite City in a heap of trouble this past Thursday.

INDIANA: Senate Committee approves Crime Victims Protection Bill

The Indiana legislature is making strides toward protecting the most vulnerable of crime victims, children…and while it could still be improved upon, new legislation should be a clarion call for Illinois to take such steps, too.

Missing persons situation narrowly avoided thanks to diligent work by White County

Persistence on the part of a concerned sister, and knowledge of cell phone ping capability on the part of White County Sheriff’s Department officials, resolved a potential missing persons case during the Friday night snowstorm last week

Rx meds can get DCFS called, as Crossville woman discovers

Among the issues White County Sheriff’s Department officials had to deal with around the turn of the new year, one was particularly disturbing, and displays just what prescription meds can do to a person…and how kids end up being the ultimate victims.

Opportunistic battery in Crossville, or intentional…? Cops investigate

Home invasion…? Battery? Or a Fecesbook feud gone awry…?

Pickaxe attack injures two in early-morning New Year’s incident

New Year’s celebrations all around White County were mild by comparison to what happened at a rural Grayville residence involving a guy with a bad haircut allegedly swinging a pickaxe and injuring two.

Comparison to late father enrages Norris City sex offender, causes end-of-December domestic

A Norris City sex offender probably has other things to worry about than whether or not he’s just like his late father…unless, of course his late father was a sex offender and bred prolifically with people considerably younger than him.

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