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BUBBA RETURNS! Yours-mine-and-our fave columnist is back and telling how he GOT back!

We here at Disclosure are THRILLED to announce the return of our columnist Brian “Bubba” Ellis, native of southeastern Illinois/southwestern Indiana, to the online pages!

What nepotism hath wrought: ‘Police chief’ threatens media with vile texts

Nepotism doesn’t give that hire free rein to just do whatever he wants, be it allegedly drink alcohol in public, allow his teenage son to do so, and send what could be considered thinly-veiled threats of harm via text.

Judge’s ‘retirement’ likely forced following number of JIB complaints

An associate judge in the Second Judicial Circuit located in downstate Illinois has announced a retirement which will no doubt be heralded with fanfare when it hits mainstream media, but the part that won’t be revealed will be the Judicial Inquiry Board’s complaints fielded over the past year about his behavior on the bench – meaning said “retirement” has been likely forced.

SALINE COUNTY: Guy involved in Harrisburg standoff has prelim

The man who was at the center of a police standoff a few weeks ago had an appearance in Saline County Circuit Court yesterday, Thursday, April 25.

Kid who got his start in Richland County now convicted in White

There seems to be some kind of bizarre connection between Richland and White county crims and serious crossover.

Ozark man charged in Saline with sexual abuse of teen

Among the multitude of felonies filed in Saline County in March, only a few were non-dope-related.

The rare non-meth felony in Richland featured in this article

In another non-meth-related felony filed in Richland County this past month, another frequent flyer has managed to catch trouble in a way he probably figured wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Repeat offenders continue to plague Richland County felony filings

As promised when we ran the felonies filed in Richland the other day, here are some reviews of some of the repeat offenders to be found on the court docket in the month of March.

Olney man and frequent flyer locked up again, this time for burglary

A guy who continues to be on the radar of Olney and Richland County authorities and has been for a decade now is back in Andy’s House of U-Been-Bad (aka Richland County Jail).

Ian Hamilton’s woes go from bad to worse

It seems some crims are destined for self-destruction.

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