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DEA to “emergency schedule” all Fentanyls in an effort to curb ODs

Department of Justice announces significant tool to prosecute opioid traffickers by emergency scheduling all Fentanyls.

The following is a dramatization….or is it? [WARNING: Graphic vid content]

Our talented staff many years ago produced material about what’s coming to this world if cooler heads and common sense won’t prevail.

Village of Tower Hill Treasurer Nancy Finley charged with Class X Felony – Theft over $100K

The village of Tower Hill Treasurer, Nancy Finley, has been charged with a Class X Felony for alleged theft of over $100,000.00.

State of Illinois donating to Citizens for Rauner?

From our friends the Edgar County Watchdogs/Illinois Leaks BY KIRK ALLEN ON NOVEMBER 2, 2017  Illinois (ECWd) – The recent State Board of Elections D2 Quarterly Filings by the Bruce Rauner Campaign reflect some very odd information, as did previous quarterly filings. Over the past several years, the Governor’s campaign has returned a total of $51,950.00 to the State of Illinois citing “Repayment of […]

State Representative Ives circulating petitions for Governor

All is not lost in the Illinois governor’s race next year.

I TOLD you I needed a vacation this year….!!!

Ordinarily, we vacation in October and/or November.

DOJ: First-ever indictments against Chinese manufacturers of deadly Fentanyl; other opiate substances

And people worry about the Russians…..

Lisa Madigan files brief opposing ban on transgender individuals in the military

Madigan continues to NOT represent the majority of her constituents in the state of Illinois by tending to these hack lawsuits designed to undermine everything the new president is doing, which he’s doing in response to the will of the American people.

The Case Against War: What Americans Need to Know About Foreign Policy

An important presentation is being held in a week in Carbondale, and organizers are asking for the public’s attention to this interesting seminar.

Watchdogs Receive Death Threat After Exposing NIU Employees

The truth is under attack in a lot of different forms, and it appears death threats aren’t any kind of exception

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