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VIDEO: Posey County Co-op posts vid of massive refinery items being moved

Here’s what is being moved up through the state, impacting traffic today – as we noticed up yesterday from ISP – in both White and Edwards counties.

FINALLY: Arrest over threats on president’s life being made

Apparently after the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, last week, authorities are now taking threats against the president’s life seriously.

Stark County Board Chair Coleen Magnussen Resigned

The Stark County News is reporting that Coleen Magnussen, Stark County Board Chair, has resigned as Chair and resigned as Board Member.

SAFE Volunteers Public Forum Wednesday: Risks of Radioactive Exposure From Fracking in Southern Illinois

Don’t expect government regulators to protect public health or safety.


An amazing thing happened last night in Stark County way to the north of us, in about the center of the state north of Peoria.

Well, Loretta Lynch got what she was asking for…even locally

Stand up, people. Otherwise, you’re going to be forced to your knees.

Alexandria Shooter James Hodgkinson, Belleville, IL – Facebook Groups

We have captured the list of Facebook Groups he was a member of, and it is quite interesting – here are some of the more disturbing-looking ones

Taxpayers fund Julius Caesar’s parent company

Donald Trump, Jr asked via tweet, “I wonder how much of this ‘art’ is funded by taxpayers?”

I’m just gonna leave this right here….


What is it with ISP and hunting…?

Regular readers of the print version: Do you recall in 2006 when we published a set of articles about former ISP agent Scott Rice?

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