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Trespassing and disorderly are repeated across misdemeanor report

JASPER CO. – There seemed to be problems with folks allegedly trespassing and being disorderly this past month in Jasper County, according to the court files…and with quite a few new names involved, too.

Pair charged with hiding convicted sex offender from cops

JASPER CO.— A Willow Hill woman and a Newton man have been charged with hiding a convicted sex offender from police armed with an arrest warrant.

Hidalgo man charged with domestic battery

JASPER CO.— A Hidalgo man has been charged with pushing a family member.

Convicted Newton doper charged with trespass

JASPER CO.— A Newton drug felon is facing a felony trespass count.

JASPER COUNTY: Weekend DUI north of Newton; two Robinson guys injured

The weekend DUI (a regular occurrence for the summer months) in Jasper County was charged against a driver from Robinson this particular weekend, according to information from the Illinois State Police.


The high winds that struck the area late this morning caused a truck driver from California to crash after being blown over on its side on Illinois Route 130.

Four-wheeler crash ejects driver, passenger; driver flown to Carle

Another four-wheeler crash has occurred in Jasper County, this one southeast of Ste. Marie.

Arrests made in shooting of American Pelicans at Newton Lake

JASPER CO. – Two Newton youths are in a considerable amount of trouble after not realizing that the birds they allegedly shot down at Newton Lake Dam were protected species.

Family court abuses: Another child crying for help and not getting it — Put a knife to (the boy’s) throat while Brittany and Jordan went out for her birthday and threatened to kill him, documents allege

JASPER CO. – The ridiculousness of “family court” continues on full display in Jasper County, as a mother, concerned about her 10-year-old son and what he’s reporting going on in his father’s home, has again been charged with Visitation Interference.

Olney woman released for treatment reoffends within days

JASPER CO.— An Olney woman released for treatment in a Richland County multiple-count felony case reoffended within days of release.

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