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JASPER, CUMBERLAND COs.: ISP District 12 Nighttime Patrol results

ISP announces the results of Nighttime Enforcement (NITE) patrols in Cumberland and Jasper Counties during March

Babbs, Carwile, both sent off to IDOC

Both Shane Babbs and Tabitha Carwile have entered pleas in their cases and Babbs, at least, is already in prison, with Carwile having only just entered her plea Thursday.

Rape suspect accused of sending box of feces to witness

JASPER CO.— Details have been made available about the serious felony charged against a Newton man, already charged with rape, as mentioned in the March 1 issue.

Newton firearm felon charged with trespass

JASPER CO.— A convicted Newton doper has been charged with trespass.

X-TRA: Olney, Newton pair jailed for lying to police

JASPER CO.— An Olney woman and a Newton man have been charged after authorities say they lied about the whereabouts of a wanted man.


Hey errbody….we’re at Volume 14, Issue 12, and you know what that means….well, okay, maybe you don’t.

Shades of five years ago: Bad weather could move in tonight

For those of us who lived through the February 29, 2012 tornado that hit Harrisburg, today’s weather is feeling eerily familiar.

Following up on major Jasper sex, violence cases

JASPER CO. – Many are wondering what happens after the initial report of such incidents as an aggravated battery or child sex offense is issued.

Disclosure generally will report on cases filed, then rarely follows through the subsequent court hearings all the way through to the resolution (disposition) of the case, largely because the haggling that goes on between the state and defense is just that – haggling – right up until a plea deal is struck or, in rare cases, a jury or bench trial is held.

Oblong man charged with drunk ramping

JASPER CO.— An Oblong man earned himself a felony charge after police say he ramped his car, leading to injuring passengers in the vehicle with him.


Hey readers, we’re almost at the end of volume 14 (meaning our 14th year of publication) and about to go into volume 15…one more issue to go, then we’re into our 15th year.

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