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ISP urges safe travel this holiday weekend

It’s that time of year where, particularly if you live in the Highway 13 towns of Harrisburg, Marion and Carbondale, you need to be aware that those “gunshots” you may have heard could potentially be fireworks.

PALESTINE: Eldorado teen stopped; Effingham County warrant issued on passenger

Palestine and Crawford County officials made a stop last night that was somewhat stunningly multi-county…and brought in a girl who was part of a huge controversy in Jasper County a few months back.

Stopped registering — Authorities don’t know where Lawrence Co. child sex offender is

CRAWFORD CO.— It appears that a sex offender from Lawrence County has gone off the radar from his residence in Crawford County.

Oblong teen charged with possession of LSD

CRAWFORD CO.— An Oblong teen has been charged with possession of a drug that gained its popularity in the 1950s.

Robinson pair busted for Clearwater Street break-in

CRAWFORD CO.— A pair of Robinson men have been charged with breaking into one of their neighbor’s outbuildings and damaging a door to her home.

Teen crim grows up to be drug dealer? — Methamphetamine gives divorced couple something in common, the saga of Ashley B

CRAWFORD CO.— A Robinson man who began his criminal career at the age of 18 has now been charged with being a drug dealer.

Crim owing more than $5,000 in fines and fees busted again

CRAWFORD CO.— A Robinson crim who owes more than $5,000 from seven criminal convictions over the years is facing a pair of felonies.

Robinson drug felon, child sex offender busted; was Marshall man his drug dealer?

CRAWFORD CO.— A violent Robinson convicted drug felon and child sex offender has been charged with possession.

Husband and ex-husband take out orders of protection to shield children

CRAWFORD CO.— A Bridgeport woman has not only been charged with several drug crimes but her husband and ex-husband have stepped into the fray in an attempt to shield the children they each have with her.

Palestine police report on activity in village, including a hanged dog

Police in the Crawford County village of Palestine are seeking the public’s assistance in the resolution of a couple of situations that arose over the last few days.

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