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Babbs, Carwile, both sent off to IDOC

Both Shane Babbs and Tabitha Carwile have entered pleas in their cases and Babbs, at least, is already in prison, with Carwile having only just entered her plea Thursday.

LAWRENCEVILLE: Newlin sentenced on meth-related charges

On March 14, 2017, Newlin was sentenced to 235 months of imprisonment and five years of supervised release following his imprisonment

Robinson sex offenders: one busted for not registering, another for being on school property

CRAWFORD CO.— Another Robinson sex offender has been charged with not reporting a change of address, as required by the terms of his release.

Crawford County drug arrests include bath salts, meth and weed

CRAWFORD CO.— While methamphetamine seems to be the drug of choice for most illicit drug users finding themselves behind bars, bath salts and large amounts of cannabis continue to surface on the streets.

Nearly full slate on every ballot in Crawford

CRAWFORD CO. – Despite significant movement over the last couple of years to re-interest people in the importance of civil service, there aren’t a lot of contests in Crawford County this General Election.

Violence and trespass ends with Robinson pair behind bars

CRAWFORD CO.— A Robinson man who has been in criminal trouble for decades is facing trespass and damage charges.

ROBINSON: Woman identified in Wednesday emergency medical response

A 31-year-old Robinson woman is the third person in Crawford County to pass away with no apparent cause during about a week’s time.


Hey errbody….we’re at Volume 14, Issue 12, and you know what that means….well, okay, maybe you don’t.

Shades of five years ago: Bad weather could move in tonight

For those of us who lived through the February 29, 2012 tornado that hit Harrisburg, today’s weather is feeling eerily familiar.

Did OP prompt plea in false report case?

CRAWFORD CO. – An Oblong man who has only just entered a plea to a misdemeanor pled down to a felony was named in an order of protection just a few short days before the plea.

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