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Two from Edgar County involved in Williamson County interstate crash

Two men from Paris, Illinois, up in Edgar County, were in a vehicle involved in a collision with another, being driven by a Marion man, in Williamson County yesterday.

Fitness motion on file in Hefner case…and just in time, too; Hefner files multiple motions himself

EDGAR CO. – The Terre Haute man who was arrested in Paris in a frightening mid-February event isn’t doing himself any favors when it comes to trying to prove he’s mentally capable of going through trial.

Convict babied by prosecutor now facing drug possession charges

CRAWFORD CO.— A Robinson convicted felon, babied by the local prosecutor, is now facing a drug charge.

Crimes against persons and property dominate Jasper misdemeanors

JASPER CO. – Crimes against persons and property highlight the misdemeanor report out of Jasper County from mid-March into April, and those involve a number of ridiculous stunts that likely folks would be better off if they hadn’t pulled.

But then there’d be fewer misdemeanor reports.

Lawrenceville trio charged with thieving from Robinson Walmart

CRAWFORD CO.— A Lawrenceville trio has been busted on theft charges.

Traffic stop lands Robinson woman in jail on drug charge

CRAWFORD CO.— A Robinson woman was taken into custody on a drug charge following a traffic stop.

Willow Hill man charged with attacking family member

JASPER CO.— A Willow Hill man with a history of violence has been charged with attacking a household member.

Palestine suspected drug dealer could lose cash stash

CRAWFORD CO.— A Palestine man arrested on drug charges may very well lose the cash he was carrying when he was taken into custody.

West Union teen could lose ride in wake of drug arrests

CRAWFORD CO.— A West Union teen is facing drug charges and may end up losing his wheels following a traffic stop.

Man charged with thieving from church

JASPER CO.— A Robinson man has been accused of stealing money a church.

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