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HARRISBURG: More arrests made in Thursday night shooting incident

Two more arrests have been made in the insane debacle that went down late Thursday night (June 22) into early Friday morning (June 23) on West Church Street in Harrisburg.

HARRISBURG: Arrests made in last night’s shooting incident

Arrests have been made in the incident last night that has an edgy Harrisburg even edgier.


Details are scant, but another shooting has been reported in town, this one late last night/very early this morning (Friday, June 23.)

Country boy vs. gangsta wannabe: Hamilton issues threats to Heflin

Gangsta-wannabes, be aware: You might want to take your unintelligible talk someplace where people might actually be intimidated by it.

PALESTINE: Eldorado teen stopped; Effingham County warrant issued on passenger

Palestine and Crawford County officials made a stop last night that was somewhat stunningly multi-county…and brought in a girl who was part of a huge controversy in Jasper County a few months back.


HARRISBURG – Just weeks after the community of Harrisburg came together to try and resolve some of the issues many believe are driving some of the city’s young people to a life of criminality, a man reportedly uninvolved in the criminal activity is dead, literally a “bystander” victim of the local gangsta-wannabe group terrorizing the town.

Harrisburg handles derelict properties with multiple civil demolition filings

HARRISBURG – With all the other happenings in Harrisburg, one might not think that an Order for Demolition of Structure case is much of a big deal…and it isn’t, by comparison, but nevertheless, it’s going on.

Harrisburg man’s full bladder leads to accidental attempted theft and jail

SALINE CO.— A Harrisburg crim claimed he was merely taking a leak near someone’s home when he accidentally ended up trying to steal a satellite dish.

Charged with sexually assaulting five-year-old

SALINE CO.— A former Eldorado man has been charged with sexually assaulting a young child.

Harrisburg woman who said she was having a “bad day” jailed for Lortabs

SALINE CO.— A Harrisburg woman is facing a felony drug charge after police say she was slumped over in an alleyway in her vehicle.

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