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Category archives for: Saline

Former ChickenBob relative sued by Discover for non-payment

SALINE CO. – A former family member of Harrisburg attorney and former mayor/former city CPA Robert Wilson has made it to the civil court docket again in Saline County.

Curry convicted: will he stay behind bars? — It’s possible that he’ll get the minimum in Saline so that it appears someone is doing their job…

SALINE/POPE COs. – Authorities in Saline finally caught on to what a menace a Wasson man is after his arrest in Pope County, and a quick Saline County jury trial in early July sealed the deal.

Another repeat drug offender arrested again for same thing

SALINE CO.— A Harrisburg woman, already awaiting trial in at least three felony cases from earlier this year and 2016, and who is already serving a probation sentence for drug possession has been busted again for… well, drug possession.

Harrisburg woman charged with punching Golconda woman in the face — Victim bonds out perp

SALINE CO.— A Harrisburg woman who just had a DUI dismissed in May has been charged with punching a Golconda woman in the face.

Woman awaiting four felony trials arrested again — Example of what’s wrong with prosecutor’s office

SALINE CO.— A poster child case for what’s wrong with the county’s prosecutor’s office features a woman who is awaiting trial in at least four felony cases and is now charged in a fifth.

One from Pope, two from Massac face methamphetamine possession charges

SALINE CO.— An area woman formerly of Hardin County and now of Pope County has been busted in Saline County with a pair from Massac County.

Drug cases lumped over lack of detail in court files

SALINE CO.— Three from Harrisburg and one from Elizabethtown have been charged with drug possession.

Mayoral bid prompting outrage in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG – The old adage “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” has come round to haunt Harrisburg voters this election season…and plenty of them are hoping that what they’re seeing is actually a joke.

Three-state, 8-county varying-speed chase nets Hamilton County guy and chick named Sharmin

ILLINOIS/KENTUCKY/INDIANA – A situation that sort of typifies the state of things in the Midwest emerged on deadline for the last issue of Disclosure and was so involved and arduous that it literally took about two days for all the media, the law and the courts in the area to sort it out.

Will civil courts evict Curry, since crim courts won’t?

SALINE CO. – What the criminal courts won’t do to get Dan Curry away from his fearful neighbors, the civil courts might succeed in doing.

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