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Dog tranquilized; outrage ensues

HARRISBURG – An issue with a dog created entirely too much drama in the city of Harrisburg in early April, and ended up being nothing that it was made out to be…and which gives a prime example of why some authorities, along with media, at times don’t give attention to such matters, since it’s usually presented with too much slant, a circumstance that can make it impossible to tell the facts from the bloviating.

City equipment used for personal purposes

HARRISBURG – A situation has emerged with a Harrisburg city council member that landed another city employee a forced resignation five years ago.

Sex with inmate at IYC alleged

SALINE CO. – A Ridgway woman is the latest to be charged with having sex with an inmate at a facility where she was in charge of the person with whom she had sex.

County clerk fires two long-time office employees represented by union

SALINE CO. – As predicted even prior to the March Primary Election, things are going from bad to worse with the office of one individual who is now a lame duck in Saline County.

Convicted Eldorado thief charged with doing it yet again

SALINE CO.—An Eldorado convicted thief appears to be at it again.

Eldorado teen and violent cohort facing felony robbery charges

SALINE CO.— An Eldorado teen out of jail on a $1,500 cash bond in a January 2018 case, in which she faces a pair of felony weapons charges and a cohort awaiting trial for violence have now been charged with Robbery.

Pope County’s ‘Pope Dog’ popped for DUI in Saline

SALINE CO.— An elderly Golconda man, commonly known as ‘Pope Dog’ and who made headlines after authorities alleged he stood in a couple’s driveway, yanked his pants down and exposed his bare buttocks, then proceeded to relieve his bladder, has been arrested in Saline County.

Man awaiting trial for sex abuse charged with battering infant

SALINE CO.— A Harrisburg man awaiting trial in a 2017 child sexual abuse case is now facing an added charge of hitting a child in the face.

Woman awaiting trial for beating a pregnant/ handicapped person busted for beating police officer

SALINE CO.— An Eldorado woman awaiting trial for beating a pregnant/ handicapped person has now been taken into custody and charged with battering a deputy.

Violent Eldorado man charged with punching family member in the mouth

SALINE CO.— An Eldorado man sentenced for violence in February 2018 has been arrested again on a violence charge.

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