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ISP District 19 announces July activity, upcoming patrols

  DISTRICT 19, Carmi, Ill. – Illinois State Police in District 19 have announced July Activity and Enforcement stats, along with upcoming enforcement patrols. Troopers in District 19, which includes Wabash, Edwards, Wayne, White, Hamilton, Saline, and Gallatin Counties, recorded 1,257 incidents during the month. Enforcement activity consisted of 553 citations and 723 written warnings, […]

IYC-Harrisburg inmate sentenced to 8 years in prison for attack on guard

Saline County State’s Attorney Jayson Clark has announced sentencing of a teen out at IYC for an incident that took place at the juvenile facility.


SALINE/GALLATIN COs. – A young Equality man has been hemmed up on serious Gallatin County felonies following the apprehension of a Harrisburg felon at his home, and the Harrisburg felon is languishing in jail while court officials battle it out over his bond status.

DEFAMATION: County clerk sued

SALINE CO. – The ongoing backbiting and sniping that’s passed back and forth between Saline County Clerk Kim Buchanan and members of the county board and attendant individuals surrounding it has ground to a screeching halt with a July filing of Defamation against Buchanan.

Former doctor loses attorney prior to January murder trial

SALINE CO. – On his way out the door, Benton attorney Bryan Drew left the public a little gift: He made sure that a file ordinarily kept under seal was place in the open in the case of one of his clients, which gives people insight into what’s been going on with it.

Wingo relative investigated

SALINE CO. – A Rosiclare woman, it’s been confirmed, has been under investigation by Saline County authorities allegations of theft from a Harrisburg business.

Pilfered pink lawn pig lands Harrisburg running man behind bars for burglary

SALINE CO.— An unemployed Harrisburg man with an apparent penchant for lawn ornaments has been jailed after one of his alleged victims allegedly caught him on video making off with a pink pig. The case began to unfold on June 30 at 9:32 a.m. when officer Matthew Forrester spoke with Jeff Oestreich concerning a theft […]

Maybe live-in facing jury trial — Mom who had twins in back seat of car during inner-city racing crash charged

SALINE CO.— It appears that an apparent racing crash on South Jackson Street in Harrisburg, complete with twin boys in car seats and a cast of characters that seem not to be able to tell the truth even to save themselves, has landed one momma behind bars, and her maybe live-in non-licensed homie facing a jury trial.

Hardin County’s Carrie Atkinson nabbed at Harrisburg laundromat after report of fight

SALINE CO.— A Hardin County woman convicted of one of two felonies in 2016 after she was accused of stealing $65,000 was arrested in Harrisburg after she lied to police.

Drug dealer busted with weapons, meth cook busted with product

SALINE CO.— A convicted Harrisburg drug dealer has been arrested and charged with drugs and guns in yet another shooting, this one having been kept low-key by authorities in the wake of the multitude of other shootings in recent months, most of them drug-related.

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