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Henshaw intestate; probate case gears up over heirs

SALINE CO. – The late Saline County State’s Attorney Mike Henshaw’s death revealed that he apparently had no will drawn up, and now, a contentious probate is brewing in Saline County Circuit Court.

Photo mistake leads to rant about sex offense charge

SALINE CO. – A photo error in the last issue (April 2017) illustrated the rampant “all in the family” level of criminality many in southern Illinois have to deal with, as well as the level to which some people will go to convince those who actually use their brains that something that did happen didn’t.

Mosses pile on Miller in civil case

HARRISBURG – A Law Magistrate (LM) filing in Saline County Circuit Court has created a pile-on of sorts among members of a well-known family.

Woman reports her live-in boyfriend for violence and gets herself arrested

SALINE CO.— An Eldorado woman who made her way to the local police department to report that her boyfriend beat her found herself behind bars.

Homeless Harrisburg pair blame each other for West Walnut Street break-in

SALINE CO.— A Harrisburg man and a California woman were taken into custody after an alert Harrisburg police officer approached a suspect house and found the pair breaking in.

Golconda professed federal snitch is charged with 11th felony in Saline Co.

SALINE CO.— A violent Saline County criminal, who brags about being a federal snitch and has at least 10 pending felonies from three separate cases, is now facing yet another felony.

Serial Harrisburg drunk driver faces 180 days

SALINE CO.— A Harrisburg man well known for his drunk driving antics and driving suspended/ revoked is looking at a minimum of 180 days in the county jail if convicted on his latest charges.

Kiddy prison shove charged

SALINE CO.— Yet another inmate of the local kiddy prison has been charged.

Ridgway man busted with hydrocodone, methamphetamine and at least one ice pipe

SALINE CO.— A Ridgway man has been jailed on four drug charges following an early morning traffic stop.

Crim charged with stealing from his own mother after break-in

SALINE CO.— An Eldorado crim has been jailed after authorities say he kicked in the door to his mother’s residence and stole from her.

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