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Golconda woman with DUI last issue in Hardin charged in Pope

POPE CO.— A Golconda woman featured last issue being arrested in Hardin County on a drunk driving charge has now been charged in Pope County with damaging another woman’s car.

Pope County misdemeanors feature a woman who is not Mrs. Stephen King

POPE CO. – Pope County’s misdemeanor report involves a couple of guys having to have their self-control directed by the court, as it doesn’t seem to be working on its own for either one of them.

Fitness evaluation requested for “Crazy” shirt-wearing woman; boyfriend hides in dumpster

POPE CO. – An attorney for the Pope County woman accused in the November 2016 stabbing of an ex-boyfriend has filed for a fitness hearing on behalf of his client.

Kentucky man facing felonies in Pope County

POPE CO.— A Paducah, Ky., man appears to be the sole focus of the Pope County felony filing report this issue.

Parties in Pope and torn-up ballfield at school

POPE CO. – Summer may be the time for parties, but it appears some youths in Pope County allegedly took that sentiment too far.


Harrisburg Mayor John McPeek has been cited with DUI following a traffic stop in Pope County last night.

Bizarre situation in Carrier Mills gets Golconda crim nabbed

Apparently the back page-girl in the current issue has been apprehended, according to folks in the area who watched it happen.

Natural life sentence sought in sex abuse case

POPE CO.— Not since the days of the late Mike Henshaw, retired judge turned prosecutor, has a state’s attorney pursued such a serious penalty in a case involving sexual abuse of children.

Golconda woman sees bond increase

POPE CO. – The girl accused of stabbing an ex last fall on the yard of his family home in Golconda may have irretrievably screwed up any chance she had of redemption. Megan E. Geisler Beattie, 25, was arrested in late November 2016 following an alleged attack on her ex, Alex Barger, 22, outside of […]

Job Corps attack: Injures three, lands one behind bars

POPE CO.— A violent outburst at the Golconda Job Corp Center appears to have caused the injury of three individuals and ended with a fourth behind bars.

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