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Golconda man busted after beer found in console during traffic stop

POPE CO.— A Golconda man was taken into custody after authorities performed a traffic stop and found an open beer in the console of his vehicle.

Convicted doper says he found his daughter’s mom passed out with needle

POPE CO.— It appears a Golconda woman has been blocked from having custody of her daughter after the child’s father, a convicted drug felon, claimed he went to drop off the child and found the mother passed out with a needle near her.

Tackle a family member and go directly to jail

POPE CO.— A Hamletsburg man has been charged after police say he tackled a family member.

Simpson motorcycle man charged with drugs following police chase

POPE CO.— A Simpson man is facing a handful of charges after police say he lead them on a chase.

Grantsburg man charged in wake of early morning drunken outburst

POPE CO.— A Grantsburg man is facing a violence charge after he is said to have struck another individual with a pillow.

‘Pope Dog’ charged with damaging security cameras by firing shotgun at occupied residence — Also known as ‘Moon-man’

POPE CO.— An elderly Golconda man, commonly known as ‘Pope Dog’ and who made headlines after authorities alleged he stood in a couple’s driveway, yanked his pants down and exposed his bare buttocks (earning him an additional nickname of ‘Moon-man’) then proceeded to relieve his bladder, has found himself in more trouble.

Golconda felon accused of passing bogus $100 bill

POPE CO.— A Golconda felon has been charged with passing bogus United States currency.

POPE COUNTY: No contests and lots of incumbents seeking office

POPE CO. – In this year’s Primary Election in March, there are no contenders for any offices, but there’s an admirable effort from the Republicans to ensure at least the precincts have committeemen.

Golconda woman charged as suspected drug dealer

POPE CO.— A Golconda woman is currently facing charges that she has been acting as a drug dealer for the area.


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