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CARBONDALE: Shooters behaved leading up to the eclipse. That stopped tonight.

Another shooting has been reported in the city of Carbondale.

Of COURSE “the train” sells out of tickets for the eclipse…

Making the rounds the past several days is an article promoted by entities that support that kind of thing (whether they know it or not), namely, Amtrak.

ISP weighs in on the eclipse; urges motorists to “be prepared”

You’d think it was Y2K or something. Unfortunately, unlike the predictions of disaster befalling our computer-run society everywhere on January 1, 2000, this is something real.

Carbondale resident among several issued warrants, including out-of-county, in Clay

Clay County lead the way in rounding up folks in their midst wanted on out-of-county warrants…as well as nabbing out-of-county folks on local warrants.

Carbondale’s Biggest Trees: Champion Tree Contest winners announced

Certificates were passed out to nominators as well as property owners of the biggest black walnut, pin oak, sweetgum, tuliptree, and white oak.

Raleigh man charged in death of SIU-C student

JACKSON CO. – Efforts on the part of Gaege Bethune’s father, Don, did little to change the minds of those in charge of Gaege’s fate, but now it’s become a little clearer why the elder Bethune took the measures he did in early July on his Facebook page.

Rollover crash claims the life of unlicensed teen

A single-vehicle rollover incident last night in Carbondale claimed the life of a teen who wasn’t old enough to be licensed.

Bethune gets terms that he asked for; conditions of bond lenient

The man accused of killing SIU-C student Pravin Varughese is going to be allowed to roam about the countryside freely, with one of the few restrictions imposed upon him as conditions of his bond being that he cannot leave the state of Illinois.

Bethune makes bond, arraignment set

Formal charges have been made available in the case of the man accused of killing Pravin Varughese.


Just days after his father released what appeared to have been documents exonerating his son, Gaege Bethune has been indicted by a Jackson County grand jury in the death of Pravin Varughese.

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