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Keep Carbondale Beautiful: Mulch volcanoes kill trees; more is not better

Too many landscapers put too much mulch around trees. Arborists call it a mulch volcano.

And then there were three: The last of the alleged pot traffickers appear in Jackson County

The three remaining suspects in the alleged pot trafficking that’s already bagged two were in court yesterday, in Jackson County’s version of Ten Little Indians.


It took a Jackson County jury a little over an hour to reach a verdict in the trial of a young man who was accused two summers ago of Cannabis Trafficking…and the jury spoke this afternoon: Guilty on both counts.

Reichert trial begins in Jackson County

The trial of a man whose mid-2016 arrest created a firestorm of controversy in Williamson County has begun in neighboring Jackson County.

Crazy Joe’s in Ava: Cash only, open 3 days a week, but AMAZING food and service!

This week’s road-tripping adventure is definitely a destination to keep in mind.

Carbondale man charged with making a false threat to blow up a U.S. military recruiting center

George Rita II, 42, of Carbondale, Illinois, appeared today in United States District Court on a Complaint charging him with falsely making a threat to blow up a Carbondale, Illinois Military Recruiting Center.

Southern Illinois Enforcement Group makes major bust in Carbondale

Another success by SEIG.


A guilty verdict was rendered at about 10:30 p.m. last night in the case of the young man from Saline County charged with killing SIU-C student Pravin Varughese.

Mugful of trouble brewing in Carbondale

The city of Carbondale is never a place where they’re at a loss for controversial situations going on.

Ninth annual Hemp History Week to feature over 2,000 local celebrations nationwide

This year’s campaign theme is Deep Roots, which focuses on hemp’s deep roots in American history, and the benefits hemp farming imparts to sustainable agriculture and soil health.

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