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Charged with stealing water for months

HARDIN CO.— A Rosiclare man has been charged after authorities say he has been stealing water service.

Cave man awaiting trial for violence busted for disorderly

HARDIN CO.— A Cave-in-Rock convicted felon awaiting trial on violence and drug charges has been charged with disorderly.

Bond condition puts her in Golconda — Suspected drug dealer and live-in busted on possession charge

HARDIN CO.— A Stonefort pair, one convicted for violence and the other a suspected drug dealer, are facing a possession charge.

Convicted meth maker, with three pending court cases, charged with theft

HARDIN CO.— A Rosiclare convicted violent methamphetamine manufacturer, with as many as three pending criminal cases, is facing theft charges.

Water rescue leads to DUI-Drugs arrest of Elizabethtown woman

HARDIN CO. – A woman who was featured in the February 21 edition of Disclosure (Primary Election Preview 2018, although it was a crim piece, not an election piece) as the recipient of a meth charge almost immediately turned around and managed to get a DUI-drugs charge shortly after the release of the paper.

Catch-and-release Dunstans

HARDIN CO.— It appears that for every two Dunstans found up in the hills there is at least one to bond them out.

E’town sex offender charged with violating conditions of release

HARDIN CO.— An Elizabethtown sex offender has found himself in trouble again.

Man’s clothing thrown out of house lands woman behind bars

HARDIN CO.— Kathy L. Robinson (previously Biggerstaff), 44, of Herod, has been charged with a single count of Disorderly Conduct after authorities say on February 1, 2018 she acted in such an unreasonable manner, in that she threw the clothing of Charles Biggerstaff, 57, out of their residence and then shoved him out the door, alarming Mr. Biggerstaff.

HARDIN COUNTY: Driver cited for DUI following flooded-vehicle incident

Hardin County authorities have released information about a water rescue near Whoopiecat Lake, which resulted in the arrest of the driver.

HARDIN: Contenders gear up for sheriff’s race this Fall

HARDIN CO. – The excitement in Hardin County’s elections will come later this year with a race in two major offices: County Treasurer, and County Sheriff.

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