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Hardin County Sheriff’s Department releases warning about…ahem…certain kinds of phone pics

HARDIN CO., Ill. – We know we are solidly in the new millennium if the sheriff of one of Illinois’ smallest counties is having to issue a warning about cell phone photos certain males seem dead set on sending people of their…certain body parts, all of it revolving around a scam on Facebook. But that’s […]

Hardin County Sheriff warning of unique scam; locals report calls

Hardin County Sheriff JT Fricker has announced a phone scam that’s going on in his county.

Hardin County Sheriff has a solution for his jail that will benefit EVERYONE

Leave it to practical-minded Hardin County Sheriff JT Fricker to come up with a solution to an issue that’s kind of crippled county residents and those from surrounding counties for several years now

‘Very jumpy’ suspected coke dealer facing DUI

HARDIN CO.— A suspected cocaine dealer has been charged with DUI after the officer on scene described her as being ‘jumpy.’

Cave man has charge of dragging pregnant woman by her hair dismissed

HARDIN CO.— A Cave-in-Rock man with a history of violence dodged a legal bullet recently when he had a charge alleging that he battered a pregnant woman dismissed.

Online rants get accused Home Repair fraudster in hot water in Hardin County

HARDIN/POPE/GALLATIN COs. – While there may not really be such a thing as “karma,” one has to wonder about the effects of ongoing hostility and how it can come back to bite the person delivering it in abundance.

Rosiclare man found unfit in wake of chip heist

HARDIN CO.— A Rosiclare man with a history of arrests for violence and trespassing, but no convictions, has been found unfit to stand trial for allegedly grabbing a woman’s arm while in a local store and making off with a bag of chips.

Bailey the River Dog rescued by Hardin County Deputy Vaughn

Not only is Hardin County Sheriff JT Fricker coming to be known as “the crim whisperer” after peacefully bringing in White County Jail escapee Johnny Tipton this weekend, but one of his deputies can now be called the “dog rescuer.”


Our neighbors to the south have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to good elected officials…and tonight, a whole BUNCH of southern Illinoisans are thankful for Hardin County’s sheriff, JT Fricker.


Illinois State Police officials have released more information about escaped inmate Zachary Shock, who was taken into custody in a rural Equality location in Gallatin County late last night.

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