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HARDIN COUNTY: Prosecutor addresses attempted murder, aggravated arson

Hardin County prosecutor Daniel Cockrum has issued information about the incident last night that resulted in the manhunt reported this morning.


Shawn Alan Walton is considered armed and dangerous.

One E’town violent man suspected of stabbing another violent E’town man

HARDIN CO.— A convicted violent Elizabethtown man has been charged in the recent stabbing of another E’town man with a violent history.

Three weeks of disorderly in Hardin County

HARDIN CO. – People behaving badly – and commonly known as being disorderly – highlights the misdemeanor roundup for this past month.

Cave perp leads police on short high-speed chase

HARDIN CO.— A Cave-in-Rock man who has been in prison on and off since 1997 faces some serious charges after authorities say he lead police on a short-lived high-speed chase.

Overflowing toilet damages outlets and commo gear

HARDIN CO.— A Rockport, Indiana, man has been charged with his second felony of the year in Hardin after authorities say he caused damage to the sheriff’s department and county jail.

Hardin County warrant served on woman sitting in White County Jail

White County mugs make the inmates appear soulless....

Time and the law have caught up to Misty Rector once again.

Drunk driving, name calling, a beating and violation of an OP reported out of Hardin

HARDIN CO.— The Hardin County general crim report has a little something for everybody.

Cruising E’town man busted with bullets but no license

HARDIN CO.— An E’town man is in some serious trouble following a traffic stop.

Hardin County’s Williams offspring and hubby in batterfest; OP wars follow

HARDIN CO. – The insanity and dysfunction that defined one of Hardin County’s most notorious families may have calmed down quite a bit after the matriarch was finally charged with a felony three years ago…but the family tradition continues with one of her kids and the people she chooses to associate with.

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