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Man trips outside fish market in Old Shawneetown; files injury lawsuit

GALLATIN CO. – A Gallatin County man’s lawsuit against one of the handful of businesses in Old Shawneetown is moving slowly through court since its filing in mid-September.

Equality man convicted of exposing himself charged with harming minor

GALLATIN CO.— An Equality man who has slipped out of one serious charge after another has been charged with harming a child.

Omaha woman for busted stealing truck

GALLATIN CO.— An Omaha woman has been sentenced after pleading to a theft charge.

Shawneetown convicted thief accused of burglary

GALLATIN CO.— A Shawneetown man who squeaked out of a drug charge in 2013 and had a DUI-Drugs charge dismissed June 29, 2017, has been charged with felony burglary.


Three Shawneetown teens were injured this afternoon after a rollover and collision on Illinois Route 13 in Gallatin County.

GALLATIN COUNTY: Suspect in Equality farm shop burglary sentenced

Gallatin County State’s Attorney Doug Dyhrkopp has announced the sentencing of a Saline County man following a July 2017 incident of Burglary at a farm shop in Equality.

Sex-offending drug felon charged with giving authorities false address

GALLATIN CO.— A drug felon and convicted sex offender has been charged with two counts of not registering with local authorities.

Violent prison rat back on the street long enough to attack elderly woman with phone

GALLATIN CO.— A Shawneetown man, sentenced to three years in prison February 24, 2016, has been back on the street long enough to attack an elderly woman.

Woman reaches 105 mph trying to get away from cops in stolen credit card case

GALLATIN CO.— A pair of Shawneetown women have been charged with multiple felonies after police say they used a stolen credit card.

Harrisburg and Hardin Co. men charged with attacking women

GALLATIN CO.— A Hardin County man has been charged with violence in Gallatin County.

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