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A federal civil suit has been filed in U.S. District Court in East St. Louis against Peoples National Bank and the folks who operate (or operated) it.

Shawneetown violent con charged with beating family with wrench

GALLTIN CO.— A Shawneetown man who has been lightly slapped on the hand for violence in the past has now worked his way up to a trio of felonies which are now being taken seriously given Dough Dyhrkopp has taken over the helm as state’s attorney.

Gallatin County: Few contested races, good turnout anticipated, however

GALLATIN CO. – High voter turnout generally marks the elections in Gallatin County, but in recent years, there’s not been much candidate interest.

South Counties school overlap material expands ballot

SOUTH COUNTIES – For Saline, Gallatin, Hardin and Pope, the feature downballot will be school districts, both local and regional, but due to the impoverished area that southern Illinois is, many of the ballot material for one county is included in another county and vice versa, adding to the complexity of southern Illinois’ voting systems.


Hey errbody….we’re at Volume 14, Issue 12, and you know what that means….well, okay, maybe you don’t.

Shades of five years ago: Bad weather could move in tonight

For those of us who lived through the February 29, 2012 tornado that hit Harrisburg, today’s weather is feeling eerily familiar.

Former Shawneetown police chief dies

GALLATIN CO. – A man who was instrumental in helping uncover one of the biggest stories Disclosure has ever delivered in print or online has passed away.

Contention continues in ‘child kidnapping’ in Gallatin Co.

GALLATIN CO. – The return of a girl who managed to convince the court in January that her son was “kidnapped” by his grandmother was affected by an order of protection against the boy’s grandfather.

Civil no-contact order issued after bad date and paranoia

GALLATIN CO. – A bad first date prompted an Order of Protection to be filed in Gallatin County circuit court.

Handful of misdemeanors in Gallatin, some silly

GALLATIN CO. – There are just a handful of misdemeanors in Gallatin County this go-round, and most of them, as usual, are somewhat silly.

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