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Elderly bank robber gets weekends in jail – ten of em

he elderly gent who robbed a bank last year has been sentenced in federal court…and it’s a light sentence.

Franklin County warrant served on Mt. Carmel man

A Mt. Carmel guy who got in trouble last year in Franklin County has now gotten in trouble in Mt. Carmel over getting in trouble in Franklin.

Today is the 94th anniversary of the worst tornado on record

Today, March 18, 2019. marks the 94th anniversary of the worst tornadic disaster in recorded history.

From the “yes people are losing their minds” file, stabbing in Benton

A stabbing in the city of Benton is the latest example of how people are kind of coming unglued lately in southern Illinois.

How safe is your water? Events upcoming in Harrisburg, Benton and Vienna

There are several free education events in Southern Illinois to learn more about the health of our drinking water.

Woman drives off roadway into Big Muddy River, Franklin County

And as is typical with stuff coming out of Franklin County, we know the what of the situation (albeit vague), but not the why…and that’s something we may never find out.

Two arrested in connection with Franklin County shooting

A West Frankfort man is in custody in this week’s shooting in Franklin County, and another individual was taken into custody apparently relative to the guy’s arrest.

Rural West Frankfort shooting being investigated

Add to the list of people losing their minds lately those involved in this situation in Franklin County.

Four arrested for unrelated crimes in wake of search for missing man

t probably came as little surprise to many that four individuals were arrested last week when, in the course of searching for missing man Allen K. Woolard, unrelated crimes were uncovered.

Body of missing Buckner man located Saturday morning

Authorities in Franklin County have announced that the body of a man missing since January 23 has been located.

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