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Resigns after fight; phone broken

WABASH CO. – A Wabash County deputy is out of a job after an incident with his girlfriend, reportedly only the latest in spurious circumstances surrounding James Sullivan.

Mt. Carmel prison regular may be headed back

WABASH CO.— A Mt. Carmel man who has been in trouble with the law since before he was old enough to legally consume alcohol is headed back to prison.

Lawrence doper busted for possession in Wabash Co.

WABASH CO.— A Lawrenceville woman, toting a California ID, out on a recognizance bond in a Lawrence County in a drug case, has been busted in Wabash County for possession.

Mt. Carmel City Police catch known doper delivering meth to confidential source

WABASH CO.— Wabash County citizens, specifically Mt. Carmel residents, have one less suspected drug dealer in their midst.

Mt. Carmel’s Barrett and two Hammonds charged in drug conspiracy

WABASH CO.— One of the most intense fights against illicit drugs has been being waged in and around the streets of Mt. Carmel, country roads of Wabash County and any surrounding areas Wabash County lawmen track drug suspects slithering.

Woman charged after lying about teen spending the night

WABASH CO.— A Mt. Carmel woman has been charged with a felony after police say she lied to them about a teen staying overnight at her residence, which happened to be a violation of one of several sentences the young man is currently serving.

WABASH COUNTY: Indiana man arrested after vehicle theft attempt

Alleged car thieves are getting younger and younger these days.

WABASH COUNTY: Sheriff releases end-of-September activity report

This one involves a bath salts arrest.

BUSTED IN JAIL: Wabash County man jailed in Indiana charged in Illinois

A local man sitting in an Indiana jail was informed that he’s now being charged in Illinois.

Suspected child molester asks to be let out of jail because he sleeps too much

WABASH CO.— A Harrisburg man charged with sexually abusing a family member, identified as his 14-year-old niece, has penned a letter to the judge in the case asking to be let out of jail or have his bond reduced because he sleeps all the time, doesn’t go to the bathroom, can’t get anything done sitting in a jail cell and wants to be back with his family.

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