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Wabash County sheriff’s deputies execute warrant service; traffic stop

Here’s a brief report from Sheriff Derek Morgan in Wabash County on a couple of items his department dealt with this week.

Gas drive-off reported at Pundrake’s; Carmi guy busted in Wabash after high-speed chase

In a separate incident, a Carmi man was arrested last night after a high-speed chase out of Mt. Carmel in neighboring Wabash County, following a crash.

Keensburg man charged with beating minor sons

WABASH CO.— A Keensburg man with a history of violence has been charged with beating sons, ages 7 and 10.

Teen with 11 arrests in 2017-2018 charged again

WABASH CO.— A Mt. Carmel teen who appears to have violated nearly every term of the five sentences he was serving in separate cases has been charged yet again.

Violent drinker charged with grabbing mother by the throat

WABASH CO.— A violent Keensburg man with a history of alcohol-related arrests and convictions has been charged with being violent toward his own mother.

Mt. Carmel Police reports, June 1 through 4, 2018

Wabash County’s biggest burg has released their police activity report, covering arrests made June 1 through 4, 2018.

Wabash County’s sheriff outlines department dealings for May

Wabash County Sheriff Derek Morgan has submitted reports detailing what his department has handled in the county for the month of May.

Mt. Carmel Police have light Memorial Day weekend activity

Folks in and around Mt. Carmel apparently opted to give their local law enforcement a bit of a break for the Memorial Day holiday, as Mt. C police handled only four incidents as reported here.

Litigant wants to tarnish Mt. Carmel’s golden arches

WABASH CO. – America as a litigious society continues to move forward, as one after another, Person A sees an opportunity to get from Person B what Person B has worked for so hard all their lives, and all because of Person A’s irresponsibility or other negligence in one way or another…as well as the tendency to blame everyone but oneself.

Mt. Carmel convicted weed dealer and methamphetamine cook charged with forgery

WABASH CO.— A Mt. Carmel convicted methamphetamine cook and marijuana dealer has been busted and charged with a pair of felonies.

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