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Golf cart v. Silverado sends elderly Olney man to hospital

An elderly Olney man has been taken to Deaconess Hospital in Evansville after a traffic accident this afternoon ejected him from the golf cart he was tooling around in.

No robbery of McDonald’s, but robbery ‘near’ McD’s

OLNEY – Reports of a local crim holding up McDonald’s in Olney weren’t exactly that, but at least the “holding up” part was accurate.

Former suspected drug dealer on the lam from rehab caught in Olney

RICHLAND CO.— A Louisville woman who was sought on an active arrest warrant after skipping out of rehab is said to have been taken into custody in Olney.

Father and son dust-up in Calhoun leads to drug convictions for both

RICHLAND CO.— A father-and-son dust-up in Calhoun ended with both convicted of drug possession.

Do Lawrence lawmen have dopers on the run, or are Richland lawmen better at catching them?

RICHLAND CO.— It is unclear if Lawrence County lawmen have dopers in their area so worried about getting caught that they have taken to doing their doper deeds across the county line, or if Richland lawmen are just better at catching them once they cross it.

Lawrence convicted child sex abuser and suspected child pornographer discovered in Richland County

RICHLAND CO.— A Lawrence County convicted child sex abuser and suspected child pornographer has been found in Richland County and charged with not registering his whereabouts with local authorities.

Violent Olney man charged with attacking police officers

RICHLAND CO.— An Olney man already serving a sentence in an Interference with Report of Domestic Violence case has been charged with attacking police officers and a family member.

Convicted meth felon accused of sexually assaulting juvenile

RICHLAND CO.— An Olney man, convicted in Clay County of felony meth crimes, has been charged with sexually assaulting a minor.

Drug dealer accused of choking ‘spouse’

RICHLAND CO.— A convicted Olney drug dealer has been charged with choking his housemate.

Olney man gets shot at a bit of southern drug rehabilitation in Mississippi

RICHLAND CO.— An Olney man has been given a shot at getting clean at an out-of-state rehab.

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