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RICHLAND COUNTY: Bedbug-in-courthouse question still up in the air

Rumors circulating about the possibility of bedbugs at the Richland County Courthouse surfaced after the place was closed for about an hour and a half Friday.

Calhoun prison rat charged with slapping woman

RICHLAND CO.— A Calhoun man with a history of violence has been charged with just that.

Stolen Star Wars Legos, electric scooter and steam cleaner — Marion County dope felon, claiming homelessness, charged in Richland Co.

RICHLAND CO.— A Marion County meth felon, with numerous convictions, trips to prison and current non-payment of fines, has been charged yet again in Richland County, again.

Violent Olney doper accused of early morning attack on woman with bat

RICHLAND CO.— An Olney convicted doper who has spent the better part of the last decade behind bars has been reintroduced to eating food from a plastic tray.

Olney meth dopers facing felony possession charges

RICHLAND CO.— A pair of Olney convicted meth dopers have been charged with drug possession.

Olney teens charged as suspected drug dealers

RICHLAND CO.— A pair of Olney teenagers caught in a traffic stop have been charged as suspected weed dealers.

Clay City man charged with fighting officer

RICHLAND CO.— A Clay City man has been charged with damaging a vehicle and then fighting with the officer who showed up to see what was going on.

Will Ramey actually go to trial…?

A number of mainstream outlets this morning have posted an “updated” piece on the case of Glen Ramey, who was found fit to stand trial in mid-September, and his upcoming court dates.

EDWARDS COUNTY: West Salem man sentenced in absentia in sex registry case; warrant issued

If you know where Nathan Ellison is, you might want to let him know he was sentenced last Friday, because he wasn’t there to find out for himself.


Illinois State Police (ISP) District 12 Commander, Captain Cory Ristvedt, announces the ISP will conduct various patrols in October.

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