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The former Lawrence County “farmer” whose life imploded in March of 2016 following a grain theft in Jasper County, and subsequent drugs and/or weapons charges in Lawrence, Clay and Marion counties, was sentenced today in federal court for his crimes in Marion County.

Bogus embezzlement claims causes chaos

LAWRENCEVILLE – Heavy complaints that evolved into protests made for high drama across Lawrence County in late June and early July…but few bothered to try to get to the bottom of why checks were bouncing at Lawrenceville’s United Methodist Village (UMV), and thus set in motion an atmosphere of contention that has turned out to be completely unwarranted.

Former city alderman evicted from rental house

LAWRENCE CO. – Another lawsuit has been filed against one of the most-sued scammers in Lawrence, former Bridgeport city alderman Timothy Akers.

Lawrenceville Wagner accused of sexually abusing minor

LAWRENCE CO.— A Lawrenceville man with a history of violence has been charged with sexually abusing a minor child.

Suspect charged with delivering drugs in Sumner

LAWRENCE CO. – A Lawrence County convicted drug felon has been charged as a drug dealer after area lawmen say he dropped off some of his product to an individual in Bridgeport.

One man charged in wake of recent Cogswell beating

LAWRENCE CO.— A former Clay County man, now of Sumner or thereabouts, has been charged with felony violence.

Lawrence felon facing five more

LAWRENCE CO.— A Lawrenceville convicted felon has been charged with five felonies after police say they found him to have under his control at least five different kinds of ammunition.

Convicted Lawrenceville meth felon awaiting trial bonds out local man charged with possession

LAWRENCE CO.— A Lawrenceville convicted felon has been bonded out of the local jail by a multiple drug felon following his arrest for drug possession.

Sumner doper charged with hitting woman and spitting on polie officer

LAWRENCE CO.— A Sumner man who has spent the better part of the last decade headed to prison on drug or violence convictions has been charged with hitting a woman in the face and spitting on a police officer.

Thumps girlfriend after she told him to be better father

LAWRENCE CO.— A Lawrenceville man awaiting trial on a drug charge has been arrested for allegedly thumping his now ex-girlfriend after she told him he should be a better fath

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