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Lawrence County Board Agenda, June 2018

This is brought as a public service to you; attend your local meetings so you know how your property and other taxes are being spent.

Briefs from around the Disclosure area, Monday, June 18, 2018

Here are a number of briefs of news events occurring over the past week, this weekend, and today in the Disclosure coverage area.

Two-year-old nearly drowns in culvert in Sumner

A little boy is in critical condition tonight following an incident Monday night that could have cost him his life.

Suspected dope cook caught with hot iPhone and meth — A real Tewell

LAWRENCE CO.— A Lawrenceville man who spent time in prison after being charged as a meth cook has now been charged with possession.

Parrott from Lawrence charged with groping hospital worker during scan

LAWRENCE CO.— A Lawrenceville man with a history of drunk driving and fighting with authorities has been charged with fondling a hospital worker and making sexual suggestions while she was doing a CAT scan on him.

Bridgeport convicted meth felon facing new meth possession charge

LAWRENCE CO.— A Bridgeport meth felon has been charged with possession yet again.

Former Lawrenceville child exploitation suspect now charged as drug dealer

LAWRENCE CO.— A Lawrenceville man who has been getting in an ever-increasingly-serious amount of trouble with the law the past several years has worked his way up to a drug dealing charge.

Olney man facing three felony trials charged in Lawrence

LAWRENCE CO.— An Olney man with an extensive criminal history in Richland County and awaiting trial there has been charged in Lawrence Count

Rains, wind from Alberto causing difficulty in downstate Illinois

Travelers through Marion, Clay, Wayne and Richland counties – and likely several more as it moves through – suffered in the wake of the wind and rain from what’s left of hurricane-wannabe Alberto.

Palestine Police have busy Thursday with out-of-towners causing problems

Palestine Police Chief Jeff Besing has outlined a number of issues that arose yesterday (Thursday, May 24) in his village, resulting in a handful of arrests.

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