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I am the grumpiest 50-something you will ever know. That's because I've been through entirely too much shit thanks to this society that's been decaying for the past several decades. So I decided to keep you fine folks aware of that decay, and what it means to you, via this website and the print version, so you won't turn into a grumpy old cuss like me. Instead of bemoaning your fate, I challenge you to get up off your ass, put down your beer and your NASCAR and your American Idolatry and fake rasslin shows, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Attend meetings, run for office, get involved, circulate petitions, change the direction the state of Illinois is headed....or you won't HAVE any beer or NASCAR or American Idolatry to enjoy in your free time. You do have free time; I know you do, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Step it up, man! I'd rather die speaking what I believe than live fearing to speak....you should, too.

Abortion – the horror of the century – gets more horrible with upstate Illinois find

The most vile of human practices – abortion – just grew a lot more horrific in the state of Illinois with the upstate find of THOUSANDS of fetal corpses at a late abortionist’s property in Will County.

Guy from Herrin sent to IDOC out of Marion County

In a case that can get confusing for those unfamiliar with the layout here in downstate Illinois, a man from Herrin, a town situated in the same county as the city of Marion in Williamson, was sentenced in Marion County a little further north.

AG Raoul files amended order related to Champaign County natural gas leak

Attorney General Kwame Raoul has filed an amended agreed order in an ongoing lawsuit against The Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company (Peoples Gas) over a natural gas leak that contaminated one of central Illinois’ largest fresh water sources, impacting nearby residents’ private wells.

Complaints addressed about Social Security Administration phone scam

Indiana State Police Detectives at the Evansville post are receiving complaints again about the social security scam.

ISP District 12: Results of patrols in Fayette, Marion counties announced

ISP D12announces the results of Occupant Restraint Enforcement Patrols (OREP) held in Fayette and Marion counties during August.

Robinson guy accused of being AWOL

Palestine Police helped out the Illinois Department of Corrections regarding a parolee who was determined AWOL, apparently from his parole.

Large number of arrests going on in Mt. Carmel Sept. 9-13

Either crims are getting dumber or Mt. Carmel Police are getting sharper catching up to them…and frankly, it appears it’s a situation of BOTH.

Centralia man pleads guilty to drug and gun charges

The conspiracy took place from March 2018 to April 2019. Court documents revealed that an FBI Task Force investigated Herron’s narcotics trafficking activities in the Centralia area for several months leading up to his arrest in April 2019

Richland County woman involved in Indiana meth trafficking arrests

A couple of Richland County names have turned up in a huge Indiana meth bust, with Richland County authorities and Southern Illinois Drug Task Force members receiving credit for assistance.

Gunrunning among multitude of charges in latest MPDNU bust

Information regarding a major drug and weapons bust in the city of Marion has been released by Marion Police Department Narcotics Unit.

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