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I am the grumpiest 50-something you will ever know. That's because I've been through entirely too much shit thanks to this society that's been decaying for the past several decades. So I decided to keep you fine folks aware of that decay, and what it means to you, via this website and the print version, so you won't turn into a grumpy old cuss like me. Instead of bemoaning your fate, I challenge you to get up off your ass, put down your beer and your NASCAR and your American Idolatry and fake rasslin shows, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Attend meetings, run for office, get involved, circulate petitions, change the direction the state of Illinois is headed....or you won't HAVE any beer or NASCAR or American Idolatry to enjoy in your free time. You do have free time; I know you do, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Step it up, man! I'd rather die speaking what I believe than live fearing to speak....you should, too.

Former mayor’s kid arrested on felony battery count

Molly Kasiar continues to show she is not biased when it comes to alleged violations of the law.

HERRIN: Man charged by feds with conspiracy to distribute meth

Raymond E. Wells has been charged in a one-count superseding indictment with conspiracy to distribute 50 grams or more of meth,

New Jersey driver crashes into trees off I-70, Effingham

A young man from New Jersey was sent to the hospital in Effingham after running off the interstate in an incident that also got him cited.

Marion woman charged with meth distribution

Amy J. Brozowski, of Marion, has been charged by two-count indictment with distribution of methamphetamine and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine

No ‘comeback’ for meth in Crossville; it’s always been there and isn’t going anywhere

A meth arrest Thursday in the White County village of Crossville shows that despite the insistence by reporting agencies that heroin and opiates are overtaking meth’s popularity, meth busts are still aplenty in southern Illinois.

Carrier Mills man sentenced in Williamson County

A man from Carrier Mills in Saline County has been sentenced in his case in neighboring Williamson County, making short work of the situation that occurred literally a couple of months ago.

Meth stuffed in bra nets felony charge during warrant arrest

Dope stuffed in a bra seems to be a fave hiding place for many people getting arrested, but some folks might want to re-think the strategy, especially if they’ve got a felony warrant sitting in wait for them.

This little piggy got chased down, picked up, and put back on the truck

In an early-morning incident that actually got picked up by Rush Limbaugh on his popular radio talk show today, apparently all the small-fry porcines have been collected in Cumberland County and are ostensibly back on their livestock truck, headed toward their ultimate destination.

Second sex assault case against former Harrisburg resident settled

A second sex assault case against a guy in Wabash County who is originally from Harrisburg has been disposed as of this week.

Elderly bank robber gets weekends in jail – ten of em

he elderly gent who robbed a bank last year has been sentenced in federal court…and it’s a light sentence.

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