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I am the grumpiest 50-something you will ever know. That's because I've been through entirely too much shit thanks to this society that's been decaying for the past several decades. So I decided to keep you fine folks aware of that decay, and what it means to you, via this website and the print version, so you won't turn into a grumpy old cuss like me. Instead of bemoaning your fate, I challenge you to get up off your ass, put down your beer and your NASCAR and your American Idolatry and fake rasslin shows, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Attend meetings, run for office, get involved, circulate petitions, change the direction the state of Illinois is headed....or you won't HAVE any beer or NASCAR or American Idolatry to enjoy in your free time. You do have free time; I know you do, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Step it up, man! I'd rather die speaking what I believe than live fearing to speak....you should, too.

Hey Carbondale…do you like the way the streets are looking?

The streets of Carbondale are relatively litter free, after Saturday’s Spring Cleanup and Recycling Day, which Keep Carbondale Beautiful has been organizing for over 30 years.

CARMI: Burglary items located, seized following search warrant; two arrested

Two individuals, one of which has been in the headlines recently, have been taken into custody following execution of a search warrant in Carmi that turned up stolen items and contraband.

Mt. Vernon (Ind.) man, out on bond from February arrest, charged with molesting minor

A young man who back in February was arrested and charged with child molestation has been charged with the same again.

Man wanted for failure to appear in three counties, two of them downstate

A man who last year was determined to be unfit to stand trial in Union County is now being sought by authorities in three Illinois counties, two of them in downstate.

CROSSVILLE: Toddler walks out of house while family was asleep

A scary incident Monday afternoon in the village of Crossville had a happy ending, as it could’ve been much worse.

Interstate wreck Monday in Jefferson County sends two to hospital

A two-vehicle collision Monday on Interstate 57 in Jefferson County was the second of the day, but this one sent two individuals to hospitals, one to a regional trauma center with major injuries.

Marion crim pleads to Aggravated Robbery, sentenced Monday

Williamson County State’s Attorney Brandon Zanotti has announced the sentencing of a man arrested in late 2016 on a fairly serious charge.

Monday wreck caused by reaching for papers damages telephone pole

The power pole damage that occurred Monday afternoon was caused by a bit of distracted driving, said Palestine Police Chief Jeff Besing.

‘Belligerent’ Ms. Swango among weekend of miscreants Carmi PD dealt with

What White officials may have lacked out in the county for running them ragged over this past weekend, the City of Carmi made up for, according to reports covering April 20-22, 2018.

GALLATIN COUNTY: Perrone sentenced after a number of delays

Hubris and attitude couldn’t get a young Gallatin County man out of a prison sentence for very serious crimes.

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