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I am the grumpiest 50-something you will ever know. That's because I've been through entirely too much shit thanks to this society that's been decaying for the past several decades. So I decided to keep you fine folks aware of that decay, and what it means to you, via this website and the print version, so you won't turn into a grumpy old cuss like me. Instead of bemoaning your fate, I challenge you to get up off your ass, put down your beer and your NASCAR and your American Idolatry and fake rasslin shows, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Attend meetings, run for office, get involved, circulate petitions, change the direction the state of Illinois is headed....or you won't HAVE any beer or NASCAR or American Idolatry to enjoy in your free time. You do have free time; I know you do, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Step it up, man! I'd rather die speaking what I believe than live fearing to speak....you should, too.


An animal control building project is on the agenda for the Richland County Board Thursday.


As a public service, we present to you the agenda for the Lawrence County Board meeting to be held this afternoon, February 21, 2018.

MARION: City police report February 6 through 18, 2018

What have the Marion police been up to…? Arresting folks. Here’s their police department activity for the time period covering February 6 through 18, 2018.

Herrin Police Department releases mid-month report

Herrin city police have released their report for mid-February, and it’s been a busy place thus far this month.

Playing ‘car tag’ on a suspended license and with pot in the truck…? Bad idea

A 20-year-old guy from McLeansboro was locked up for a short while over the weekend after playing “car tag” with another vehicle in Crossville…and driving on a suspended license.

Harrisburg man gets 13 years for home invasion

A Harrisburg man arrested last November has made short work of his charges, entering a plea last Friday in Saline County Circuit Court.

Robinson woman cited for DUI following Clark County crash

A young woman from Robinson has been cited for DUI-Drugs following a single-vehicle crash in Clark County.

Galatia man injured in White County rollover crash this morning

A gentleman from Galatia was sleepy last night, according to Illinois State Police, while he was driving on Illinois Route 141 in White County…and that condition lead to a rollover crash.

No movement on audit findings

SALINE CO. – With a $30,000 audit finding such problems as “controls are dysfunctional and mitigate risks,” “apparent willful non-compliance with laws and mandates” and “direct evidence of concerning and suspicious activity,” thus far, there’s been no legal action taken against Saline County Clerk Kim Buchanan.


A press release has come in from Edgar County Sheriff Jeff Wood outlining what happened Saturday morning in Paris with an obviously freaked-out Terre Haute man originally from Edgar County.

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