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I am the grumpiest 50-something you will ever know. That's because I've been through entirely too much shit thanks to this society that's been decaying for the past several decades. So I decided to keep you fine folks aware of that decay, and what it means to you, via this website and the print version, so you won't turn into a grumpy old cuss like me. Instead of bemoaning your fate, I challenge you to get up off your ass, put down your beer and your NASCAR and your American Idolatry and fake rasslin shows, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Attend meetings, run for office, get involved, circulate petitions, change the direction the state of Illinois is headed....or you won't HAVE any beer or NASCAR or American Idolatry to enjoy in your free time. You do have free time; I know you do, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Step it up, man! I'd rather die speaking what I believe than live fearing to speak....you should, too.

BUBBA RETURNS! Yours-mine-and-our fave columnist is back and telling how he GOT back!

We here at Disclosure are THRILLED to announce the return of our columnist Brian “Bubba” Ellis, native of southeastern Illinois/southwestern Indiana, to the online pages!

Palestine PD makes early-morning arrest of wanted subject

Palestine’s Police Chief was up and at em early this morning after it was brought to his attention that a wanted subject was in the village.

Drug arrest made after another joint effort between Flora, Clay County, drug task force

Another successful investigation in a joint effort by Flora Police, Clay County Sheriff’s Department and the local drug task force has lead to the arrest of a Flora man.

Teens pose as creepers in van offering candy to kids in attempt to be “funny”; law enforcement, parents, not amused

A Thursday morning incident involving four teens who said they thought it would be funny to offer young kids some “candy and a ride” learned the hard way that in today’s climate of pervs all over the place, the situation was anything BUT.

Warrant service in Mt. Carmel leads to brief foot pursuit through back yards

A joint effort of warrant services between the Wabash County Sheriff’s Department and Mt. Carmel Police resulted in arrests earlier today…but not after the first subject lead police on a short-lived foot chase.

Two-vehicle crash on Highway 130 sends two to hospital

A two vehicle crash on Illinois Route 130 in Cumberland County sent two Casey residents to the hospital earlier today.

Don’t do drugs, kids! Drugs are bad, m’kay…?


Traffic stop at McD’s leads to warrant service, arrest

Folks at Carmi McDonald’s got an eyeful yesterday morning when a driver, being pulled over on a traffic stop, chose their parking lot to stop his vehicle…and was subsequently arrested.

Racist-appearing comment was “taken out of context,” reports public official

We’re not really sure how the comment we reported on yesterday in this article, “Put this one in the ‘You’ve GOT to be KIDDING me’ file…” was taken out of context…but that’s what’s now being reported.

CHILD PORN SENTENCE: Granite City man gets 20 years

A forensic search showed that Hogue was regularly running software programs that erased his hard drive contents, in an attempt to cover up his child pornography downloads.

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