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Disclosure began as a print publication in March 2003 as a monthly news product featuring information about southeastern Illinois, not designed to provide “competition” for local mainstream newspapers, but to supplement them. The print version of Disclosure provided news analysis, not breaking news (unless something was happening on deadline), as it was designed as a monthly and not daily or weekly. The website came to be for breaking stuff that couldn’t hold until print version, then we did a print version in detail.

Disclosure‘s news goal was to tell the stories that local mainstream daily or weekly news products refused or were afraid to tell because they are beholden to their advertisers and to the local officials, from which they are spoon fed their information instead of going out and getting the information the hard way—by real investigation. Disclosure doesn’t care whose toes are stepped on because a public official is a public official and needs to lead a life above reproach, both on the job and off. Our taxpayer dollars fund their lifestyle and therefore they are answerable to us for the entire time they are ‘employed’ by we the people, 24/7. They hold us common people accountable for our actions every hour of the day, every day of the week…they should be no different.

There are only a few people on staff at Disclosure, including our stringers in south counties; and our reporters for the northern region (Heartland) at the affiliated Edgar County Watchdogs, John Kraft and Kirk Allen, these two since 2011; Diane Benjamin in Bloomington since about the same time frame (2011-12), and Jason Cann in Bolingbrook for our upstate contributors. There is no static office, so there are no regular office hours and we are generally available every day of the week and into the evening. Other than these listed, there are no other “people who work for us.” However, we also have MINION. Our Minion keep us informed of goings-on in every county surrounding us. Our Minion are not paid. They are faithful people who think like us: they believe that the elite need to be taken down several pegs, favoritism should be shown to no one in matters of law enforcement, justice, schooling or employment, or a number of other things in which a handful of the connected and powerful always seem to be getting away with, while the large majority of us get slammed with incessantly. Our Minion are brave, with backbone, a keen sense of justice, and are not easily intimidated by the elite few. Their identities are kept a closely-guarded secret, and they could be anyone…the person you sit next to in church, the guy or lady you go to work with every day, or your neighbor down the street who doesn’t seem to have any kind of interest in politics, law enforcement, the state of our communities, etc. In fact, many of our staunchest detractors would flip completely out if they knew exactly WHO our greatest Minion are. They would rather fool themselves into believing that we just make this stuff up than to think that highly-placed officials who oversee the lower-placed officials are telling us what officials from every end of the spectrum are doing.

Between us we have been involved in journalism for almost four decades. Following a four-year stint in the medical field in Indiana, Jack has been in newspaper journalism since 1993, trained by the legendary Dean Bunting at Albion’s original newspaper, the Journal-Register. Angela began news reporting at a major Alabama radio station in the early 1980s and has worked in television broadcasting as well; she was first published in 1992 and began in print journalism in 1997. Between them they have held every possible job title in print media, from advertising to graphic design to editor and now publisher, and what titles weren’t held, they’ve actually done the work, including the press room, distribution/circulation and a whole lot more.

Disclosure was begun in print format and opted to remain on tabloid size layout despite the incessant (and ignorant) remarks about “the tabloids.” Tabloid is just a size, and since Disclosure’s per-issue circulation was in the thousands, it was a lot easier to transport a truckload of tabloid format papers than broadsheet when there were only two people handling it all. Initially we eschewed the idea of going online, as we were trying to get people to read their local papers, then compare those to Disclosure to see the discrepancies between what mainstream media has become versus what the Freedom of the Press per the First Amendment has been and should be. We had tried several times to go online over the past several years with no success until in 2008 Lawrenceville Business Center convinced us we could trust them and that they would provide the most flexible web layout. They screwed us over in May 2009 when they ceased making updates for us and never gave us the password to the site, so we dumped it. This one is a lot better, one-third of the price, and we have someone on standby 24/7 should we have problems.

Despite terminating print publication, we are still here for the people who have no voice because it’s been stifled by the elite ruling class in one of many ways: harassment by law enforcement and local governing bodies (endless traffic stops, unnecessary ordinance violation tickets, warrantless busts and seizure of property); adverse court decisions made because of inadequate representation (aka public pretenders) or inability to afford a decent attorney in a civil case; inability to get or keep a good job because of who you are or what your background is (because the elite own all the downstate employment); victims of sex offenders who for whatever reason are never properly put away by local prosecutors; or victims of other crime that is never prosecuted because of ineptitude or bias on the part of law enforcement or the state’s attorney.

There are national problems we focus on that have local implications as well, whether people want to admit it or not:

The implementation of the police state in order for the government to control we the people as it moves toward federalization/globalization

The invasion of illegal immigrants from every country south of the U.S. border with Mexico and the complicity of local authorities and bigwig landowners in this invasion

The coming economic collapse and the blithe ignoring of it by our local, state and national municipalities and agencies

The hijacking of our civil rights and liberties by politicians with socialist agendas

The imposition of new and emerging diseases on the population, most of them brought about by additives in the food and drink we consume, and the utter lack of healthcare provided by the “medical professionals” that society calls ‘physicians’

The unnecessary increase in “public” (read: government) jobs and the tax burden that places on the people

The lie that America is the target of “terrorists” and that our local ‘response teams’ need to ‘prepare’ for this ‘eventuality’

We welcome input from readers about misdeeds and corruption that’s going on in their areas—to them, to others, or to We the People in general in the form of taxpayer funds/property abuses. We aren’t interested in your personal vendettas, so anyone carrying those out, take it somewhere else. We are interested in the blatant violation of our civil rights, misuse of our money, and general idiocy of those in office either elected or appointed. Please feel free to contact us at the following:

Email: admin@disclosurenewsonline.com

Address: Disclosure

P.O. Box 83

Harrisburg, Illinois 62946

Phone: 646-801-6397

Contact us to purchase back issues…sure to become collector’s items (while supplies last)!

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