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State Labor Board determines Mill Creek Park underpaid painters; penalty expected

CLARK CO. – The faux pas in which former Clark County Park District Director Charity Murphy has engaged in continues to haunt the park district long after her departure.

Clark Co. Park District’s Executive Director using Facebook to Intimidate FOIA Requesters

Yesterday, Charity Murphy, the Executive Director of the Clark County Park District decided to use Facebook as a means to intimidate Freedom of Information Act requesters into submission through “peer pressure.”

Taxpayer funds pay for mural sponsorship; taxpayers oblivious

CLARK CO. – A past due notice from the Marshall Chamber of Commerce has gotten the Clark County Park District – which has become the Schleprock of publicly-supported entities in downstate Illinois – into hot water once again.


Here’s the second of our two-week-turnaround papers for the summer, and this batch was a breeze by comparison to the ones we did last year…probably the big difference being that we didn’t have any snakes after us this year

Unbelievable: Park District employee has to loan money to district to keep checks from bouncing

CLARK CO. – The situation of inept management and possibly abject fraud looms large and continues to grow with the Clark County Park District, after a July meeting of the board revealed that the district had to take a loan from an employee in order to not bounce checks.


WELCOME to the first issue of August, the August-September 2016 edition!

Following the $$ all the way past undepositing…

CLARK CO. – An extremely spurious financial practice might be an indication of why a park district director is in a perpetually bad mood and always fighting with the watchdog groups who have made mincemeat of her over the past few years:


Here we are with the May issue, the first of two papers being produced for the month of May

Thin-skinned public officials should just QUIT — Clark County Park District losing its collective mind, approves lawsuit

CLARK CO. – Of all the inane things the Clark County Park District at Mill Creek Park has done over the past couple of years since Disclosure and the Edgar County Watchdogs have been covering them, the latest contrivance they’ve developed as of April has to be the epitome of inanity.

Ethics Complaint filed alleging Clark Co. Clerk Carrie Downey assisted Joe Ewing

An Ethics Complaint was filed on November 3, 2015 naming the Clark County Clerk, Carrie Downey as Respondent to allegations of unethical conduct during the election process in late 2014, early 2015.

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