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Osmon lawsuit causing consternation in Herrin

For whatever reason, Marion attorney Ron Osmon has managed to get and keep himself in the crosshairs of plenty of people in the region when it comes to lawsuits and what appears to be a situation of self-dealing.

Tax assessor displays serious lack of spine; complaint made with sheriff’s department

WILLIAMSON CO.—The battle regarding ongoing attempts to expose what appears to be corruption within certain offices in Williamson County heated up in early June when a general in the war was engaged in a skirmish with the opposition.

Injunction entered in gun range incident

MARION—An incident in which a union apprentice was shot by a stray round while at her job training has resulted in an agreed order for a new gun range in Marion to cease firing in the direction of union property.


Owners of a popular gun range in Marion have lost an opportunity to avoid court action in the case of a shooting incident occurring last week

READ THE LEAD: Small victory for embattled realtor in Marion

There’s nothing more frightening than to think that someone can come along and wipe out your land holdings merely by paying off your mortgage.

Small victory in land-grab case

WILLIAMSON CO.—A significant land-grab attempt in Marion has suffered a blow in Williamson County court as of mid-October.

Death threat in TIF case — Threat issued in letter

WILLIAMSON CO.—A death threat was issued toward the subject of an article appearing in the September-October 2013 edition of Disclosure.

White Squirrel Cruisers Car Show, Olney, 08.21-22.10!

The White Squirrel Cruisers Car Show was held over the weekend at the Fairgrounds and Park in Olney.

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