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Saline County Coroner Jerry Watson has released information about the death of newly-elected Saline County Clerk Roger Craig.

County clerk fires two long-time office employees represented by union

SALINE CO. – As predicted even prior to the March Primary Election, things are going from bad to worse with the office of one individual who is now a lame duck in Saline County.

SALINE COUNTY: County clerk figuratively burning the house down as lame duck

Voters in Saline County responded in overwhelming numbers at the ballot box and gave our county clerk the boot in the Primary…but unfortunately, the clerk is making as big of a mess as possible before she’s out.

SALINE COUNTY: No surprises in contested major races, only relief

Waterfowl with leg problems are probably petitioning to not be identified as “lame ducks” anymore, since that’s the situation right now with the office of Saline County Clerk.

County, Buchanan, told to “work it out”

SALINE CO. – Less than a month before the Primary Election, the ongoing feud between the Saline County Board and County Clerk Kim Buchanan ratcheted up, not a notch, but to a fever pitch.

SALINE COUNTY: Contested sheriff’s Primary race will be the big draw — Contested county clerk race is hot, too

SALINE CO. – Aside from the ongoing drama surrounding the elected county offices held by Kim Buchanan (County Clerk) or sought by Natalie Brown-Miller (County Treasurer) this season, the choices for the other offices are seeing few contenders in the March 20 Primary.

Crowd hears prayer removal issue

SALINE CO. – What many believe was an attempt to distract from the release of audit results turned out to be a display of Saline County’s belief systems…and a hope that the audit will finally bring about some reform at the County Clerk’s office.

Audit results near; so do the election dates

SALINE CO. – The countdown to the revealing of what a west coast auditing firm has discovered about Saline County government finances has begun, and is reported to be ready for the county board on January 19.  In the meantime, the problems that sparked the expensive audit continue to occur, and in fact, the situation […]

SALINE: Big ballot action countywide…but not many contests within each ballot

SALINE CO. – Many familiar names, including previous years’ “also-rans,” are on the ballots across the County in Saline this General Electio

Egypt post-election: South counties goes wildly Republican in some cases

SO. ILL. – The wrapup of the raging 2016 general election is presented here by region and kept to a minimum largely because everybody’s about done with it, even just a short time thereafter; but these are the offices that were contested and these are the numbers as they were turned in; all material is UNOFFICIAL at this point, and official results will be available at a later date and likely won’t change much and won’t alter the outcome.

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