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Harrisburg Police blotter for late August-Early September with LINKS

Another old home week has come upon the city of Harrisburg when it comes to those featured under the arrest reports…and there are several repeaters, along with some folks charged with things you don’t ordinarily see, like perjury.

HARRISBURG: Last week of June police blotter

Harrisburg City Police Department has made arrests for the final week of June 2019 (the 24th through the 30th) available.

The return of Kuantavious and Devin for this week’s FELONY FRIDAY

A guy whose parents cursed him with a name guaranteed to show up on a police blotter; a Harrisburg man charged with a sex crime; and the return of Devin Switzer (so soon after her last arrest) are all part of this week’s FELONY FRIDAY, so let’s get going with it!

Another repeat drug offender arrested again for same thing

SALINE CO.— A Harrisburg woman, already awaiting trial in at least three felony cases from earlier this year and 2016, and who is already serving a probation sentence for drug possession has been busted again for… well, drug possession.

Crazy Saline County report on sheriff’s department activity, end of May-early June

We say every year – as soon as the weather warms up appreciably, the criminal element starts running, kinda like sap in a tree.


Some of Saline’s repeat crims made it in this roundup; check it out.

Convicted felon takes drug stash shoplifting with her

SALINE CO.— It appears that a pair of Saline sticky-fingered females ended up behind bars after they were caught on videotape making their way through the self-scan checkout area.

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