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What nepotism hath wrought: ‘Police chief’ threatens media with vile texts

Nepotism doesn’t give that hire free rein to just do whatever he wants, be it allegedly drink alcohol in public, allow his teenage son to do so, and send what could be considered thinly-veiled threats of harm via text.

Edgar deputy selling property in advance of bankruptcy judgment

EDGAR CO. – The deputy who has caused more civil rights dissent for his county than any in downstate Illinois is back in the headlines again, apparently just narrowly avoiding in trouble over a bankruptcy.


EDGAR CO.—Despite his perceived big win against the Edgar County Sheriff’s Department last year for back pay, Edgar County deputy Dee Burgin has filed a bankruptcy claim in federal court in Urbana.

Cops Assault, Arrest Woman for No Reason, Leave Her Cuffed, Naked in Public for 30 Minutes

The ongoing (and many believe department-encouraged) efforts by many police departments to make criminals out of everyone has gotten out of control, and this is just more proof

Circuit judge sides with union arbitrator; two unwanted county deputies reinstated

EDGAR CO.—A judge’s ruling in Edgar County circuit court April 25 has allowed the reinstatement of two former deputies who were terminated because their hire was made improperly.

Did a former (now-disgraced) deputy write a scathing election letter?

Pretty much everybody in three counties in southeastern Illinois know the name “Dee Burgin.”

Audit catches former deputy lying and possibly thieving from voters

EDGAR CO.— It appears an audit has exposed a disgraced deputy, who is now having to be employed three counties away due to the stigma he faces in his home county, as a liar at best and a thief at worst.

Burgin picks up petition for sheriff

EDGAR CO.—Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any more stupid in Edgar County, up steps Dee Burgin, announcing his intent to run for public office.

Deputy’s dog case settled with county in federal court: back wages paid to Dee

EDGAR CO.—One of the most troublesome law enforcement officers, and indeed, overall, public officials the county of Edgar has ever had the displeasure of doing business with has prevailed in a lawsuit filed a year ago.

Civil suit threatened over breastfeeding

EDGAR CO.—A mid-November incident at the Edgar County Airport has caused a lot of scratching of heads over what in the world can be wrong with airport manager Jimmy Wells.

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