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Cameron Jones FINALLY back in IDOC

A repeatrepeatrepeat violent dopeslinger is finally a resident of the Illinois Department of Corrections, this after multiple parole violations could no longer be ignored.

Another meaningless arrest for Cameron Jones

In the world of repeat offenders who never pay the price, one name out of Lawrence County particularly rubs the law-abiding the wrong way.


Apparently, Cameron Jones has outlived his usefulness as a nark.

….wondering what it takes for Cameron Jones to be arrested these days…

Despite the fact that JennJo has an order of protection against CamJo, the encounter, we’re being told by those who were present, was violent

So maybe Cameron Jones isn’t happy about being on the front page….?

We just don’t know WHAT his problem is.

Harrisburg PD serves other counties’ warrants…including Crawford

It looks like Harrisburg Police had the honor of serving warrants for lots of other counties last week, including far-flung Crawford County to the north, as well as nearby Franklin County.

HootieMom has meltdown over article

Wells, as one of Lawrence County’s foremost methslingers at a very young age years ago, painted a target on his back at that time.

Wabash County crim busted in Indiana; IDOC considers her ‘absconder from parole’

A name familiar to many dopers across several counties in Illinois and Indiana – including not only Wabash where she’s a convict, but Lawrence as well – is back in the headlines after getting arrested Monday, January 14.

If you’re wondering why Cam Jones isn’t in prison…join the crowd

While some people get busted once for driving or drug infractions and shipped off to prison right away, a Bridgeport man isn’t burdened with that problem, no matter what the county or infraction might be.

Area dealer back in headlines by being back in jail; warrant service results in meth find

LAWRENCE/WABASH COs. – Why authorities continue with the catch-and-release program they’ve apparently established with an area convicted dope-slinger remains a mystery, but as of press time for this issue, the “catch” part was in effect for Cameron Jones.

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