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Warrants from White, Saline and Jefferson served on Norris City guy arrested at gunpoint

Posted by on Monday, September 9th, 2019 @ 5:07 pm.

Braddon Turrentine

WHITE CO., Ill. – A Norris City troublemaker may have apologized to the deputy who took him in at gunpoint…but that didn’t ameliorate his circumstances, including multiple warrants from multiple counties, after what prompted his arrest.

White County Sheriff Doug Maier released reports regarding the arrest of Braddon Turrentine, 31, who was the subject of a call Sunday morning, September 8, at approximately 10:50 a.m.

Turrentine, of the same rummy batch, we’re told, that brought you Richland County crim Lil Nate Turrentine, was, like other Turrentines, a fixture in the pages of our paper well over a decade ago, which is why there’s little to reference regarding hotlinks except this one (it’s on the free side, lucky you), but with this incident, it appears he’s poised to make a spectacular comeback…or maybe craptacular, as the case maybe.

When the deputy was called about Braddon (apparently someone’s creative way of spelling “Braden,” but prompts people with knowledge and understanding of the English language to want to pronounce it “BRAD-dunn”) Turrentine, it came from a residence in the recently-crim-plagued village of Enfield in north White County. Said residence was the home of Andrea Stocke, at a rural location outside the village.

White County Dispatch advised that Turrentine was at this residence and would not leave. But when the deputy arrived, Turrentine had left, and Stocke advised that she didn’t want to sign a complaint. She did tell the deputy what vehicle Turrentine was in, however – a red Ford Ranger – and so the deputy went on to patrol that area of the county, apparently looking for said vehicle.

At approximately 11:18 a.m., he was patrolling southbound on Route 45 at the north side of Enfield when he saw a red Ford Ranger pickup turn onto Wilson Street. At Prairie Street in Enfield, the deputy reports, the vehicle turned east. The deputy noted that it looked to be Turrentine behind the wheel.

At the location of Prairie Street and Brockett Street, the deputy initiated his emergency lights to try and stop the truck, but it did not stop. The deputy then turned on his siren, but the vehicle still didn’t stop. It then drove to County Road 300E, where it turned south, then drove on to 1450N and turned back east. The vehicle, the deputy noted, was “running very badly.”

At approximately 1450N and 250E, Turrentine stopped the vehicle. He placed his hands outside the window, and the deputy reports that he ordered Turrentine out at gunpoint, then ordered him to get on the ground. Turrentine was single-handedly brought in by the deputy after being placed in handcuffs and seated in the back of the squad…as well as after apologizing for his actions, adding that he “didn’t want to go back to jail.”

That, however, was not an avoidable thing.

Besides being charged under this incident for Driving While License Revoked, Fleeing and Eluding, Possession of Cannabis and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, it turns out that Turrentine was also wanted on warrants out of his home county of White (Class 2 felony Possession of a Stolen Vehicle from May of this year), as well as Saline (Class 2 felony Possession of a Stolen Vehicle from March of this year) and Jefferson (a 2018 civil case wherein a default judgment – indicating he didn’t even show up – was entered in favor of the complainant, Orthopaedic Center of Southern Illinois, just in case you’ve been wondering why medical care is so high these days; people don’t pay their bills).

All warrants were served, and Turrentine was held on those as well as the new charges.

As of today, Turrentine remains where he didn’t want to be… in the White County Jail.

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