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Sorry we have to put this post on the pay side, but you need to READ THIS

Posted by on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 @ 8:24 am.

We’ve had to put this on the pay side because to put it on the free side could open us up to some trouble with the powers-that-be.

You’ll understand when you read it.

As you are aware, a year ago, we got rid of our Facebook page. What’s happening right now with the subject matter featured here might be what gets rid of the website altogether.

There’s not a lot you can do right now, but I just wanted to give you the full picture, and underscore this vital fact: Conservative news organizations are under attack. We have been for a number of years now. We were constantly under attack at our Facebook page, which is in part why we dumped it. The other part was that it was only going to get worse.

With the material featured here, I’m telling you right now it’s gotten worse.

We’re doing everything we can to offset the potential disaster that’s looming, but it looks like if we don’t start bowing down to the powers-that-be and “clean up” our “act,” we might not be around much longer. And you know us. Just because everyone is giving in and jumping on the libwhack bandwagon doesn’t mean WE will. Certain entities will be (and have been; believe me when I tell you) finding ways to make this work against us, but we will cling tooth and nail until we can’t anymore.

After that, you’re on your own in this libwhack landscape. We’ve been telling you this for years; now, it’s come around. If we have to go, we’ll let you know. We’re just hanging in there…for now.

Here’s the deal.

Google is intent on pushing out small news organizations from perfectly-legitimate websites.

Here’s the info that I’m truly saddened to bring you, but this is the reality of it: Google, put under pressure by Europe’s idiotic Orwellian ways of tending to the internet, has bowed to their pressure of not hurting any of the SJW snowflakes’ widdle feewings. These are the people who have brought you Tommy Robinson, jailed for reporting the truth about Muslim child molesters, among others who have “breached” the libwhacks’ sense of “social justice.” Social justice means no freedom of speech. It means that if something is “offensive” to one of these pink-haired, Antifa-embracing nutjobs who have come out in full force since the 2016 American presidential election, the person who “offended” them, either in word, deed or meme, can literally be arrested and jailed for nothing other than WHAT THEY SAID.

Because the Obamanuts between 2009 and 2016 couldn’t get their similar agenda pushed through (remember “Net Neutrality”? This is what it was designed to lead to, right here in the states), they jumped all over this insanity and so google, the biggest search engine and by and large staffed by libwhacks, leapt into the breach. They’ve been imposing more and more restrictions on us non-mainstream news outlets (non-mainstream = conservative). In the past, there had to be a legitimate reason to demonetize. However, now, as you will see, such a decision is completely subjective.

Here’s the email we got from Google late last week:

Dear AdSense Publisher,
We’re writing to let you know about a change to Google’s publisher policies for all of our publisher products that will affect your AdSense account.
In September 2019, we’re launching changes to some of our content policies across our publisher products (AdSense, AdMob, and Ad Manager). While there’s no action for you to take today since this won’t affect any publishers right now, be sure that you read through this email to familiarize yourself with what’s coming next month.
Why we’re making these changes:
One of the top requests we hear from publishers is that they want us to simplify and streamline our policies. We know that many of you use several of our publisher products and we want to bring you a clear and easy way to understand how to interact with our policies and how they affect you, no matter which products you use.
Here’s what you can expect:

Google Publisher Policies, which outline the types of content we won’t monetize through any of our publisher products. These include: Illegal Content, Child Sexual Abuse Material & Pedophilia, Sexually Explicit Content, Adult Themes in Family Content, Intellectual Property Abuse, Endangered or Threatened Species, Dangerous or Derogatory Content, Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Misrepresentative Content, Malicious or Unwanted Software, and Mail Order Brides.

Google Publisher Restrictions, which outline the types of content which will receive restricted sources of advertising. These include: Sexual Content, Shocking Content, Explosives, Guns, Gun Parts & Related Products, Other Weapons, Tobacco, Recreational Drugs, Alcohol Sales and Misuse, Online Gambling, Prescription Drugs, and Unapproved Pharmaceuticals and Supplements. Google Ads (formerly AdWords) will continue not to serve on any of this restricted content; it will only receive ads from other advertising products or via the use of direct deals between publishers and advertisers.

Alignment across our publisher products, bringing simplicity, consistency, and ease of understanding, regardless of the product(s) you choose to use.
What it means for you as an AdSense publisher:
Monetizing content that falls under the Google Publisher Restrictions will no longer be a policy violation; instead, we will restrict advertising on that content as appropriate, based on the preferences of each advertising product and/or advertisers’ individual preferences. In some cases this will mean that no advertising sources are bidding on your inventory and no ads will appear on this restricted content. So while you can choose to monetize content covered by the Google Publisher Restrictions, doing so will mean you will likely receive less advertising on this restricted content than you would receive on other, nonrestricted content.
Content that falls under the Google Publisher Policies is not allowed to be monetized and you should not place ads against that content. As with our current policies today, attempting to monetize policy-violating content may result in your account(s) being suspended or terminated.
Please note that these policies and restrictions will apply in addition to any other policies governing your use of Google publisher products.
What you need to do:
Nothing at this time. The Help Center and Policy Center will be updated in September 2019 when this takes effect with the full breakdown of policies and restrictions. At that time, please review the updated policies and restrictions and ensure that your content is in compliance.
Please note that going forward, Google will be announcing updates to our policies and restrictions for AdSense on this change log. Publishers are required to keep abreast of changes to policies and be in compliance with them at all times.

What’s subjective, you ask? Well, to begin with, we’re a news site. We PUBLISH material that falls under ALL of that. We’ve already been round and round with Google about many of their “policy violations,” some of them having to do with “lewd exhibitions” of people. What those amounted to were photos people had posted on THEIR OWN Facebook or other social networking pages, over which WE applied appropriate bars or shading across the tender parts, that were used in the course to telling a news article. Google ads didn’t care; we could find a half-dozen other sites that used Google Ads and had nearly the identical content, but WE were the ones who had to take the material down. We’ve dealt with this kind of selective garbage for years; we’ve had arguments with convenience stores who sold pornography right behind the counter where everyone including kids could see it, but OUR paper was removed from the racks because we wrote the truth about the American Cancer Society (you think I’m kidding; I’m not. This exact thing happened in 2003.) Everybody else can do it; oh, but Disclosure, no. And we weren’t even “doing” it. It’s just that the Marching Morons out there perceived we were doing something bad, ergo, they got a little band of marchers together (yes, we’re talking about you, Toby Hucker) and went to our vendors and demanded that they remove our newspaper or they’d never buy anything from that place again (yes, highly illegal…but you have to have a prosecutor willing to file a charge, and the prosecutors were in on it).

Now, we have this completely subjective thing wherein nothing is up for debate. If someone in DarkDankPlace, Glastonburyshirewhatever, England, decides that they are offended by an actual news article, they can contact Google and complain, and Google will look, see that it pertains to one of those verboten things listed (Illegal Content [highly subjective], Child Sexual Abuse Material & Pedophilia, Sexually Explicit Content, Adult Themes in Family Content, Intellectual Property Abuse, Endangered or Threatened Species, Dangerous or Derogatory Content, Enabling Dishonest Behavior [largely subjective], Misrepresentative Content [COMPLETELY subjective], Malicious or Unwanted Software, and Mail Order Brides) and we’re done. We’re demonetized. And for you regular readers…literally all of our articles, as they pertain to all kinds of crime or corruption, can fall into these categories…because the articles are ABOUT these subjects. If you’re thinking “Oh, but you’re exaggerating. It’s the websites what are PROMOTING those badbadbad things as ‘good’ that the big G is looking at!” No. That’s not the case. If some libwhack makes a “report” that these things are ‘in a post’ AT ALL, even by MENTION, they’re subject to removal. Believe me. We’ve already had to remove several posts over this BS. We’re done. We’re not doing it anymore. And that means demonetization.

In case you were wondering where the majority of our YouTube vids went, about three years ago, we were completely demonetized by them as well. That was, you’ll recall, about the time Trump won the presidency and YT went all SJW on everybody. We didn’t even get noticed up on it; they just demonetized us. Now, Google is doing the same thing through the ad revenue. Without ad revenue, we can’t keep up this site. We can’t get out and sell ads; Ang doesn’t have the strength for that and I don’t have the time, and we have no one else. And people unfortunately are so inured with the notion that a news organization that literally covers and has covered ONLY what’s occurred in court cases, city/county/public entity meetings, and with public officials in the public or personal activities is somehow a “gossip” entity that we can’t get even patriots to take out ads. All the patriots are being run out of Illinois anyway, so it’s now becoming even more impossible.

So while the MMorons are wringing their hands with glee over this, just like they did when it became impossible to produce a print version at this time last year, they might better think a little further than the noses on their faces…because they’re next.

This kind of stuff doesn’t happen in one fell swoop. It occurs in increments. First the powers-that-be get rid of the more obvious in-your-facers, like Tommy Robinson and Alex Jones. Then they pressure out the littler guys. Then they go after the bigger guys that don’t toe the party line; some, they’re able to convert, some, they just drive out (making it impossible for them to cover certain matters, never answering the phone, refusing to answer FOIAs, etc). After that, the only outlets that remain are the ones that the authorities can actually pick up the phone and TELL the person in charge of it NOT to print this or that thing, or MAKE SURE you print this particular feel-good thing that might not be accurate but it’ll “help public perception” of one thing or another.

That’s wrong, folks. And before you know it, YOU become the victim of such a thing. If you post the wrong meme on your Facebook page; if you opt to not HAVE a Facebook page; if you don’t express the ‘correct’ view of a current political party or situation…you’ll be done for. But nobody except those in your immediate circle will know it, because there’ll be no one to tell it. There’ll be no one to tell it TO. We’ll all be long gone, you know, back when you were laughing about “them thur DISCLOZZZURE PEEPLE, they shore did git THURS, huhuhuhuh.”

Think it won’t happen? C’mon. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been reading us for awhile. So answer this question: What all have we been right about…?


And we’re right about this. So please. If we get shut down here, please support your local independent media, please tell them to keep covering the crime and corruption that keeps southern Illinois a fiscal third world country. We’ll never get prosperous until we can start facing what the FLAWS are first, and fixing those, before we go to market ourselves for whatever (great work force, beautiful scenery, tourism, etc). Until then, we’re just a little cesspool with a few “connected” people standing on the heads of all the rest of us little people, keeping us just under the water and drowning slowly while the connected take the money and run.

It has to stop. You can stop it. But only if you’re informed.

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