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Not exactly a shocker: Carbondale PD looking for Chicago suspect in most recent shooting

Posted by on Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 @ 4:57 pm.

CARBONDALE, Ill. – There’s been another shooting in Carbondale, and the only thing shocking about this one is that authorities are actually saying who it is they’re looking for.

The typical elements of a Carbondale shooting are all there: Young males, drugs, another young guy (this one from Chicago) apprehended with pot and of course, information released to the public about 48 hours after the incident, which is probably why so many people get away with such a thing over there, as people can’t keep an eye out for the wanted suspects if they don’t know they’re wanted.

This disappointment in the dregs of society that Carbondale has become is said to have occurred very early Monday morning (1:08 a.m. August 19) when police were called to the 800 block of East Grand Avenue to respond to a male with gunshot wounds.

His injuries were called “non-life-threatening” and he was treated at the local hospital, but “non-life-threatening” notwithstanding, was for whatever reason then transferred to a regional hospital (ostensibly to handle the injuries, as our “local” hospitals apparently aren’t quite that adept at dealing with such trauma.)

The suspects in the shooting were described as young black males, one with a light complexion, one with dreadlocks and the last described as “heavy set” (aka FAT, for those who, like us, don’t really abide by PC language).

Somehow or another, a fourth guy got thrown into the mix, this being another young (24) black male and this one confirmed to be from Chicago (whereas the origins of the other three are up for speculation, but it’s Carbondale, so…)

Derek Deon Brownlee Jr. is the suspect in custody; he’s been charged with Unlawful Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Deliver, and a second charge of Unlawful Possession of Cannabis. He’s being held on $75,000 bail ($7,500 cash bond, which is rather high, so it might indicate that bruh has a record).

There’s been no information issued as to where/how/when Brownlee Junior was picked up.

However, the shootings in Carbondale continue unabated, largely because the Amtrak running through that town is the drug highway for crims that provide the college students at Southern Illinois University and other hapless individuals their stuff. This plague has intensified recently at more northerly Amtrak stops, in particular, in Centralia, where the shootings, stabbings, arsons and other crimes of violence are now largely out of control.

But, mainstream media – likely aided by the college – makes sure that “neither Brownlee nor the victim are affiliated with the university” is tagged at the end of their articles…you know, to make people feel safer, since school’s starting up and all.

For reference for all those parents who worry about their kiddos on campus, here’s a distance comparison of the 800 block of East Grand Avenue and the college:

And it appears there’s plenty of housing and student activities around the 800 block of East Grand Avenue.

So tell your little darlings to be safe while at college; no one else, apparently, is doing it. At least not in a timely manner.

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