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Investigation of two crashed vehicles underway in White

Posted by on Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 @ 10:39 am.

WHITE CO., Ill. – White County Sheriff’s officials are investigating an incident regarding two smashed-up and abandoned vehicles at a rural location.

White County Sheriff Doug Maier reports that the investigation was begun very early this morning (Wednesday, August 21) when at 1:18 a.m., White County Dispatch received a call from a person who reported a power line down at 1675 County Road 925 N, Carmi.

A deputy responding to the location found several power lines down in the roadway in front of the residence located there, as well as a vehicle about a hundreds yards off the roadway in a field east of the residence.

The deputy reported that he could tell from the road the the vehicle’s front windshield was severely damaged.

The resident at that location, Nina Hankins, 34, came out of the house, and the deputy questioned her as to what had happened here. Hankins stated she didn’t know, only that her power was out; she advised upon further questioning that she didn’t know anything about the vehicle in the field nor why the power lines were down.

Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative was notified of the power outage and the deputy located a secure route to the vehicle in the field, walking out to it to check for occupants, but there were none. The vehicle, a 2006 Chevrolet Blazer, had sustained severe damage. A registration check revealed the registered owner was Dalton Miller, 23 of Grayville. It appeared the vehicle had left the roadway, hit the guide wire to the power pole, and caused the top of the pole to hit the front windshield. All the windows on the driver’s side were broken out, including the back window. There were several dents all over the vehicle, and a small amount of blood was located on the outside driver’s mirror, along with a small splotch of blood on the ground; however, no blood was noted inside the vehicle.

However, what was noted on the inside of the vehicle was a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, according to the deputy’s report.

Calling for assistance, the department’s K9 officer responded and began a search of the area for persons who might have been ejected from the vehicle; however, there were none to be found.

The electric repair crew arrived and stated they passed a female leaving the residence on their way in, so the deputies searched for tracks by the main road, where they noticed a track of a vehicle leading to the back yard of Hankins’ house. There was also a person’s track, easily discernible because of the heavy dew leading toward Hankins’ house.

The deputies followed the track and noticed another vehicle in the back of the residence, a 2002 white Ford Explorer. There was also a campfire burning to the front of that vehicle. A registration check revealed that vehicle’s registered owner was Jeremy Blair of Carmi. Further investigation revealed that this vehicle sustained major damage also. The front windshield had been severely battered, and all of the passenger side windows were broken, including the back window. Most of the glass from the windows were on the ground beside and in back of the vehicle. Passenger-side airbags had been deployed. There was mud splatter on the side of the vehicle and the tracks of the vehicle that threw the mud came around the campfire and headed east. These, the deputy noted in his report, were the same tracks that lead to the vehicle that was in the field.

Tows were requested for Blair’s vehicle in Hankins’ yard, with the deputy noting that Miller’s vehicle would be towed later after Wayne-White had secured the power lines. The deputy finished the report by noting that the incident would be further investigated, starting with an interview of Hankins; thus far, nothing has come out of that, but we’ll be watching for updates.

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